Element Balancing Medallion Key Chain


Carrying this powerful Element Balancing Medallion Key Chain with you all the time will act like provide healing and balancing effects to the environment to manifest good Feng Shui.


This Medallion designed into a key chain has the image of a powerful ancient seed syllable surrounded by 2 rings of secret mantras on one side and symbols of 5 elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood) surrounded by the 12 Horoscope symbols on the other. The Horoscope signs encircle the Ying Yang which is the symbol of balance and perfection. The 12 animal zodiac represents mankind, which when combined with the other auspicious symbols, means that all the 12 zodiacs would be protected against all odds, mishaps, misfortune, accidents, sickness, devastation from unlucky stars, and annual afflictions. Made from high-quality metal, the all-metal make of this item also acts as a formidable metal cure to weaken the malignant stars #2 Black and #5 Yellow.

The 5 elements are the basis of Feng Shui principles. This is a powerful cure to absorb and contain all the negative chi in its surroundings, The order of mutual generation among the five elements is that wood generates fire, fire generates earth, earth generates metal, metal generates water, and water generates wood. In this way, the generation is circular and endless and is the fundamental of feng shui that powers up good luck. The 5 Element resolves clashes in elements and provides healing and balancing effects to the environment to manifest good Feng Shui so that you could achieve the highest excellence in all areas of your life.

Keep the Element Balancing Medallion Key Chain with you at all times for greater peace of mind and increased prosperity. Hang it on or pop it in your bag. Dangle it on the rearview mirror of your car so that your personal ‘guardian angel’ is always there with you, to protect you from harm and bring you good luck. This way, the special amulet can work as a Feng Shui lucky charm and protect you not only while you are in your house or at work but also the rest of the time and wherever you go.

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Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 10.2 × 3.8 × 0.3 cm



Gold Plated