Faceted 30mm Fire Element Red Crystal Ball Tassel


The Faceted 30mm Fire Element Red Crystal Ball Tassel symbolizes passion, high energy, fame, and fortune.

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This is an exquisite Faceted Red Crystal Ball fastened to brown/black strong cording with decorative knots. The Crystal Ball sparkles as it catches and reflects light in a myriad of enchanting patterns and rainbow colors. Simply beautiful!

Red is the color associated with the Fire element. In Feng Shui, Fire Element symbolizes passion, high energy, fame, and fortune. The Fire Element is an effective cure to suppress the affliction of quarrelsome# 3 flying star which brings arguments, stress, lawsuits, legal problems, raised tempers, and conflict. This is because it belongs to the number 3 Star is Wood Element which can be destroyed by Fire. It can also be used to enhance the number 8 Wealth Star to increase prosperity as well as for number 9 Purple Star to enrich its multiplying effect.

As the crystal is also a symbol of the earth element, hang the Faceted Crystal Ball in the Southwest corner to energize your romance luck based on the Pakua Aspiration Trigram. You can also hang it to catch the sunlight from the Northeast to enhance education and knowledge luck. The Faceted Crystal Ball can also be used to deflect Sar Chi from poison arrows caused by sharp edges of furniture and buildings.

Hang the Faceted Crystal Ball near windows in your living room or dining room to catch the rays of morning sun and reflect them into beautiful rainbow potent ‘yang’ energy to harmonize the flow of chi, purify your surrounding chi, liven up space, and brings loads of luck into the home. Ideal to add some good Feng Shui for rooms with too little sunlight.

Note: You can also opt to buy the complete set of Five Element Crystal Balls.

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Crystal Glass, Synthetic Crystal


Translucent Red