Faceted Clear Crystal Ball 40mm


Display the 40mm Faceted Clear Crystal Ball in the South East to energize wealth luck.


This is an exquisite Faceted Clear Crystal Ball sitting prettily on a transparent square plate. The facets of the Clear Crystal Ball sparkles as it catches and reflects light in a myriad of enchanting patterns and rainbow colours. Absolutely gorgeous!

Clear or white is the colour associated with the Metal element. In Feng Shui Metal Element brings the qualities of sharpness, precision, clarity and efficiency; its balanced presence will help you live with clarity and lightness. Metal cures are specially indicated for fighting the bad energies brought by the Black Star 2 and the Yellow Star 5 from the Flying Stars Chart. These Earth Stars can bring bad health, accidents, and all kind of tragedies to those living in the space where they have power. The element metal would make these stars bad energy lose power and strength.

Place the Faceted Crystal Ball near windows in your living room or dining room to catch the rays of morning sun and reflect them into beautiful rainbow potent ‘yang’ energy to harmonize the flow of chi, purify your surrounding chi, liven up space and brings loads of luck into the home. Display in the South East to energize wealth luck, North to activate career prospects or in the South West corner to boost your romance luck based on the Pakua Aspiration Trigram. You can also position it to catch the sunlight from the North East to enhance education and knowledge luck. Similarly, the crystal ball can be used as effective enhancers of friendly Earth and Metal Flying Stars such as #8 Wealth Star and #6 Heavenly Star. Find out about their locations from our Monthly Flying Star Prediction. The Faceted Crystal Ball can also be used to deflect Sar Chi from poison arrows caused by sharp edges of furniture and buildings.

Besides making a stunning decorative statement, the versatile Faceted Clear Crystal Ball provides healing and balancing effects to manifest good Feng Shui. Place it in your home or workplace to experience the powerful protection of the crystal ball and prepare to welcome greater happiness, improved health, increased wealth, more success and infinite fulfilment into your life.

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 3.8 × 3.8 × 5.1 cm

Crystal Glass, Faceted Glass