Feng Shui Brass Mirror with Pouch


This Feng Shui magic mirror is stamped with the symbol of five fortune bats for abundance, surrounding a longevity symbol in the center.


This Feng Shui magic mirror is stamped with the symbol of five fortune bats for abundance, surrounding a longevity symbol in the center.

Mirrors are also utilized extensively in Feng Shui to deflect poison arrows, to absorb bad energies, to expand narrow hallways, to draw sunlight into dark rooms, to show abundance by multiplying dishes at the dining table, and to correct many other Feng Shui problems. Giving a mirror as a gift also is said to be a very good gesture as it would mean giving good luck in marriage and career aspects to the person.

The use of Magic mirror in Feng Shui practice is to transform negative energies into positive ones. To do that, simply reflect the surrounding once with the mirror and then expose the mirror surface to direct sunlight for a brief moment – all the bad vibrations will be dissipated instantly. This mirror is made of brass, gold plated, and feels solid – all the attributes that make a Magic mirror the best kind.

In Chinese ancient rituals, there are many ways a Magic mirror can be used. One would use the magic mirror to absorb the yang energy of the sun and then reflect their face with it to improve radiance and make them look and feel more beautiful.

The mirror is also one of the most powerful antidotes against personalized poison arrows. If you feel that there are people within your organization who wish to undermine you, or that you are a victim of office politicking, you can bring the mirror to work, and slowly walk around the office, discreetly reflecting the room inside the mirror, including all the people who are inside the room. Later you can take the mirror outside and by holding it up to the sunshine once, all negative intentions towards you will instantly dissolve.

You can also use the mirror to perform space clearing if you feel your living room or workspace is being disturbed by any intangible spirits. Reflect the mirror all around the rooms of your home. Pay particular attention to reflecting dark corners and then immediately take the mirror outside and shine it at the sun.

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Gold Plated