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The Feng Shui Concave Pakua is a traditional cure commonly used for protection against the most malignant type of energies.

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This is an old-school Concave Bagua that possesses the basic features of a good Pakua – octagonal in shape, with the very powerful Chien trigram at the top section and the potent Kun trigram at the bottom. In its center is a mirror that curved inward (concave). This Feng Shui Concave Pakua comes with a hook at the top.

The Pakua Mirror is a traditional Feng Shui cure commonly used for protection against the most malignant type of energies – the killing energy or Shar Chi generated from ‘poison arrows’ directed to your house, shop, or building. Poison arrows can manifest in many forms: offending poles, lamp posts, trees, a large building, edges of the building, a road headed towards you, T-Junctions, escalators and other imposing structures, infrastructures, or landscape in front of your house or workplace’s main door, the ‘chi’ entry point. At its best, this kind of killing Chi could result in constant arguments, depression, and minor misfortunes, and at its worst brings severe sickness, mishaps, accidents, and even death in the household if it is not promptly dealt with. Pakuas could also repel evil spirits and people with bad intentions towards you.

A Concave Pakua is used to absorb Shar Chi and preventing it from entering the house. A Concave Pakua is recommended over a Convex Pakua because a Pakua with a mirror that curves outward (convex) would deflect and reflect all harmful chi away. This could inadvertently harm your neighbors and surroundings. For example, if you place a convex Bagua to deflect the Shar Chi coming from an imposing tree, the tree will not grow well and will even die! While the Convex Pakua is the most powerful, a Concave Pakua will usually be sufficient to do the job and not create bad karma for you. Unless the Shar Chi is very strong or you are very sure that placing a Convex Pa Kua will not harm others, a Concave Pa Kua would be a better choice.

Hang it above the door facing the poison arrow pointing to you. If you have a porch, you could put it on top of the porch. REMEMBER that Pakuas can only be placed outdoor. It SHOULD NEVER be hung indoors or it will do great harm.

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