Feng Shui Five Element Faceted Crystal Ball (Complete Set)


This is a gorgeous set of 5 Faceted Crystal Balls of five different colors to represent the 5 elements of Feng Shui application.

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This is a gorgeous set of 5 Faceted Crystal Balls of five different colors to represent the 5 elements of Feng Shui application. Each Crystal ball is fastened to brown/black strong cording with decorative knots. The Crystal Ball sparkles as it catches and reflects light in a myriad of enchanting patterns and rainbow colors. Simply beautiful!

The five colors and their element representations are:


Metal Element


Wood Element


Water Element


Fire Element


Earth Element


The 5 elements are the basis of Feng Shui principles. This is a powerful cure to absorb and contain all the negative chi in its surroundings, The order of mutual generation among the five elements is that wood generates fire, fire generates earth, earth generates metal, metal generates water, and water generates wood. In this way, the generation is circular and endless and is the fundamental of feng shui that powers up good luck. The 5 Element Crystal Balls set can be displayed anywhere as it resolves clashes in elements and provides healing and balancing effects to the environment to manifest good Feng Shui. The 5 Element spheres remedy these problems so that you could achieve the highest excellence in all areas of their lives.

As crystals are also symbols of the earth element, hang the Faceted Crystal Ball in the Southwest corner to energize your romance luck based on Pakua’s Life Aspiration Theory. You can also hang them to catch the sunlight from the Northeast to enhance education and knowledge luck. The Faceted Crystal Balls can also be used to deflect Sar Chi from poison arrows caused by sharp edges of furniture and buildings.

Hang the Faceted Crystal Ball near windows in your living room or dining room to catch the rays of morning sun and reflect them into beautiful rainbow potent ‘yang’ energy to harmonize the flow of chi, purify your surrounding chi, liven up space, and brings loads of luck into the home. It is a good idea to add some good Feng Shui for rooms with too little sunlight.

Note: You can opt to buy separate crystal balls your favorite colors: ClearGreenBlueRedYellow.

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5 Element Colors