Flying Dragon 8 Rod Wind Chime


This beautiful Flying Dragon 8 Rod Wind Chime is perfect to be used to activate the #8 Prosperity Star of your home.


The Flying Dragon 8 Rod Wind Chime consists of 8 gold plated brass rods strung together on a horizontal metal bar hanging from a plaque featuring a blue Flying Dragon soaring amidst heavenly clouds. This Flying Dragon 8 Rod Wind Chime is perfect to be used to activate the #8 Prosperity Star of your home. Eight rods represent blessings of prosperity and are especially potent during the current Period 8 (2004-2023).

The Dragon (the fifth sign of the Chinese Zodiac), long revered for its supernatural powers and strength, is one of the most important and powerful symbols in Feng Shui. It represents the ultimate ‘Yang’ symbol, male vigor, courage, and bravery. In Chinese culture and Feng Shui, the dragon is the most auspicious and magnanimous has become the ultimate symbol of power, abundance, good luck, and honor. This legendary Guardian of the Eastern Skies is said to create the precious cosmic Chi or known as the ‘Sheng Chi’ which brings good fortunes into our homes and workplaces, making it an all-rounder bringer of prosperity, good career luck, and success. It is a powerful cure and enhancer for business luck, bestows foresight and wisdom to the elderly, brings honor to the family, protects the wearer, and paves the way for more accolades in coming years.

Add some good Feng Shui to your home with the Flying Dragon 8 Rod Wind Chime which emits melodious sounds to clear the air in its surrounding from bad chi and in turn brings good luck. You may choose to hang it in accordance with the Eight Trigrams Theory, i.e. in the West to activate children’s luck and creativity, in the North West for mentor luck, or to boost career luck in the North). It can also be used to enhance favorable Flying Stars, especially the #1, #6, and #8 stars. This item is also a powerful big metal cure to combat the malicious earth energies of the #2 Illness Star and #5 Fatal Star. Besides looking great and sounding fabulous, the combined energies from the powerful symbols will bring you blessings for success & authority, good health & vitality, joy & prosperity, protection from harm and help fulfill all your wishes.

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