Four Celestial Animals for Excellent Feng Shui


Invite this Four Celestial Animal set to bring great Feng Shui into your homes and premises.

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This is a beautiful set of the Four Celestial Guardians which in Feng Shui is believed to watch over the four core directions and different landforms of a property. They are symbolically used to explain the special environmental arrangement that brings prosperity and well-being to the occupants of the property. The inflow of good energy, that will protect your home, can be provided via using the symbolic representations of the Four Celestial Animals of Feng Shui.

The Green Dragon

The Dragon is the most powerful and protective symbol in Feng Shui. It epitomizes the emperor, signifies heaven, and is the most celestial of all creatures. This celestial animal is the major provider of luck and is responsible for happiness and well-being. The Green Dragon represents the East and Spring and symbolizes strength, goodness, courage, vigilance, and serenity. Its structures are located to the left of the house (when looking at the front door from the outside). A structure taller than the house should be located to the left of it to attract luck and wealth. It can be a building, a hill, or a tree. Having an image of the Green Dragon on the internal left-hand wall of the house does wonder Feng Shui’s energy to your home.

The White Tiger

This Feng Shui animal represents reliable protection from any harm. It constrains the negative and balances the Dragon’s power. It represents the West and autumn and symbolizes passive energy and protection against evil intentions. The White Tiger’s structures are located to the right of the house, opposite the Dragon’s structures. They protect the home from thefts, murders, and ruining. The Tiger’s structures should be lower than the Green Dragon’s structures on the left side. Displaying the White Tiger figurine on the internal right-hand wall of the house is also a way of improving the house Feng Shui.

The Crimson Phoenix

The Crimson Phoenix represents the South and summer and symbolizes life, fame, and fortune. It also stands for rebirth, success, recognition, and new opportunities. It is located in front of the house and protects the home from negative external influences. This ethereal creature can be represented by a low fence, an open space, or a mound in front of the house. Since the Phoenix is associated with red color, adding more red to the area around the front door will reinforce the energy of this Feng Shui animal. Or better yet, showcase a beautiful representation of this celestial bird in this sector.

The Black Turtle

Black Turtle represents the North and winter and symbolizes longevity, strength, endurance, support, and stability. It protects the home from everything negative. It is located behind the house and can be represented by a flat hill, or some other solid structure. This Feng Shui animal provides luck and is responsible for the success of the homeowner. A little picture or a figure of a turtle on the back wall of the house will add to the home’s well-being. The ideal variant is to have a live turtle living in an aquarium near the back wall to provide great protection for the rear of your home.

The Four Celestial Animals are the basis of landscape Feng Shui. It is said that every site or home is surrounded by these four symbolic animal spirits. Ideally, these four directions should be harmonious with each other. Their presence in harmony would encourage and create the most auspicious energy. Unfortunately, in modern homes, this may not be always possible, therefore you should invite this Four Celestial Animal set to bring great Feng Shui into your homes and premises. They should be spread around the house according to their cardinal directions to bring you career luck, success, wealth, good health, and longevity.

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