Four Friends Mirror Key Chain


Carry the Four Friends Mirror Key Chain to attract the blessings of good friends.


This enchanting Four Friends Mirror Key Chain consists of a golden medallion featuring images of the four animal friends – an elephant, a monkey, a rabbit, and a bird – positioned on top of each other. The reverse side has a shiny reflective surface adorned with powerful mantras on the outer edge for further protection. The polished gold handle is embellished with a glorious gold ball chain.

The 4 Friends depicts four different species of animals united in harmony symbolizing interdependence despite the difference in size and strength of the animals. It is the epitome of friendship, cooperation, camaraderie, teamwork, and good relation without considering status, strength, power, or even size

Metal Mirrors are potent Feng Shui ornaments that not only have the ability to absorb your troubles and turn them into opportunities and positive outcomes but also have the power to capture the power of the Big Auspicious Stars that appear in several 15-degree compass directions each year. They are also traditionally used for space clearing, protecting against people of bad intention, dissolving bad chi, turning enemies into friends, attracting new love into one’s life, and bringing good luck. The mirror uses the reflection of rays for space clearing and the great part is that it will continuously clear the space automatically.

Bring the Four Friends Mirror Key Chain into your home or place of work or better yet, carry this talisman everywhere with you to enjoy its harmonious vibrations and protective aura at all times. Besides looking great and sounding fabulous, the combined energies from the powerful symbols will not only bring success & good fortune, but it will also help you foster good relationships with parents, spouse, relatives, friends, and colleagues for harmonious living.

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Gold Plated