Four Relic Dharmakaya Crystal Pyramid


It has many benefits and inconceivable power as it liberates us from all negative karma and suffering.

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This Four Relic Dharmakaya is an elegant and gorgeous pyramid made from clear man-made crystals. It has four slanting triangular surfaces that meet at a common vortex. Also, a square base sitting on a gold card with the powerful Four Dharmakaya Relics mantras. The four slanting triangular surfaces captures and reflect the image of the Four Relic Dharmakaya at the bottom.

It provides a beautiful kaleidoscope effect. Then, the clear crystal allows sunlight to pass through. Next, it produces a spectrum of energized light and colours that will fill your space with auspicious energy. Pyramid power is intrinsic to the pyramid shape which has been proven to function as a geometric accumulator. Also, its functions as an amplifier of strong energy force.

The Four Relic Dharmakaya is the highest relics of Buddha. Their mantras comprise:

  1. Stainless Pinnacle Mantra (Tsug tor dri me)
  2. Zung of the Exalted Completely Pure Stainless Light (Oser Drime & Essence mantra)
  3. Secret Relic Mantra (Sangwa Ringsel)
  4. 100,000 Ornaments of Enlightenment Mantra (Jangchub Gyanbum)

The Four Relic Dharmakaya mantras have so many benefits and inconceivable power. By seeing, hearing, touching, or thinking about any holy object that has the four mantras, will liberate us from all negative karma and suffering.

Display the Four Relic Dharmakaya Crystal Pyramid in your place of work or at home. Besides being a magnificent showpiece, it will purify negative energy and remove all obstacles in your path, allowing you to achieve success easily and effortlessly.

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