Gold Arowana for Wealth Activation


This Gold Arowana is a potent energizer of wealth and abundance of both your home and office.

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This is an absolutely gorgeous gold-colored Dragon Fish Arowana depicted riding on the crest of a wave on a glass base. A potent energizer of wealth and abundance, this exquisite Gold Arowana would add significantly to the symbolism and auspiciousness of both your home and office.

The Arowana (also known by the Chinese as Golden Dragon Fish), reputed to be the world’s most expensive freshwater aquarium fish, is a popular symbol of wealth, one that is widely used to attract wealth luck for its owners. It is a potent energizer of wealth and a must for those seeking to solidify their wealth luck. Because of its close resemblance to the oriental dragon – with its two ‘whiskers’, scales and the way it glides through the water, the Arowana is also commonly known as the golden dragon fish by the Chinese. The Chinese character for fish, ‘yu’ means abundance, and coupled with the dragon being the ultimate good luck symbol, the Arowana is hence a very powerful Feng Shui enhancer associated with wealth, luck, strength, and power.

Display the Gold Arowana for Wealth Activation on your work desk, in the center of your home, in your lucky/best directions based on the 8 Mansions Theory, in the wealth (South East), career (North), or mentor (North West) sectors (refer to the Eight Trigrams Theory) or even as a metal cure for the earth afflictions brought by the #2 Illness and #5 Wu Wang stars. Besides being a magnificent showpiece, the powerful and auspicious energy of the Arowana will bring you wealth, success, good luck, and abundance.

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