Golden Arowana with Gold Ingots and Lucky Coins


This Golden Arowana with Gold Ingots and Lucky Coins would add significantly to the symbolism and auspiciousness of both your home and office.

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This Golden Yellow Arowana swimming on a bed of treasures (gold coins, ingots, and jewels) conveys auspicious meanings of wealth. It is a potent energizer of wealth and a must for those seeking to solidify their wealth luck. Finely crafted in transparent gold resin, this lifelike Arowana would add significantly to the symbolism and auspiciousness of both your home and office.

The Arowana Fish (also known by the Chinese as Golden Dragon Fish), is a popular symbol of wealth, one that is widely used to attract wealth luck for its owners. Display it on the office desk or study table to welcome good luck and ensure your business will flourish and you will amass wealth.

What the Arowana Fishes symbolizes and its Application in Symbolism Feng Shui:


Golden Arowana Wealth Fish

Arowana is a tropical fish reputed to be the world’s most expensive freshwater aquarium fish where a decent size of certain varieties may cost up to tens of thousand dollars. Because of its close resemblance to the oriental dragon – with its two ‘whiskers’, scales and the way it glides through the water, the Arowana is also commonly known as the golden dragon fish by the Chinese. The Chinese character for fish, ‘yu’ means abundance, and coupled with the dragon being the ultimate good luck symbol, the Arowana is hence a very powerful Feng Shui enhancer associated with wealth, luck, strength, and power which justify why it’s so highly prized. Many well-known and rich oriental businessmen strongly believe that keeping Arowana in their offices has helped make their businesses prosper.

The Arowana is a powerful Feng Shui fish. Here is how this elegant Golden Arowana with Gold Ingots and Lucky Coins can be used to feng shui your way to a better life:

1. Display the Golden Arowana Fish figurine on the North sector of your house, rooms, work desk, etc. to give your career luck a boost and to magnify your windfall luck. It’s the sector that governs career luck based on the Pakua Aspirations Trigram.

2. Display the Golden Arowana in the Southeast corner or on your reception counter to energize your wealth luck and income. You can also place it in the corner diagonal to the front door.

3. Place the Golden Arowana swimming in from your Seng Chi or best direction based on your Kua Number (Eight Mansion Theory) to further enhance your personal luck in your career and wealth.

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