Golden Kwan Kung with Dragon Sword


Display the Golden Kwan Kung with Dragon Sword figurine to strike at your enemies or business competitors at any time.

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This is a beautifully crafted gold plated brass representation of the Kwan Kung, the famous Chinese God of War. He is depicted standing exuberantly with power, wearing a Dragon war robe and holding his mighty Dragon sword, also known as “Kwan Dao” on his right hand and a sheathed sword on his left, ready to strike at your enemies or business competitors at any time.

In business, the Golden Kwan Kung With Dragon Sword is very suitable to be placed in the reception area facing outwards to protect your business from fraud and embezzlement. He will ward off competitors and help your business to prosper despite all odds. The Golden Kwan Kung will also help to dissolve away bad energy and evil that could bring you accidents and lawsuits.

Perfect for those who seek some authority in the office front and politicians. Classy for your home, office, and business premises. Place the Golden Kwan Kung with Dragon Sword facing the main entrance.

What the Kwan Kung symbolizes and how to use this symbol to enhance your Feng Shui:

Kuan Ti, the legendary hero from the days of the three kingdoms is one of the most war famous generals in Chinese history. Revered as China’s finest military hero, he was later deified as the God of War and named Kwan Kung. Today, Kwan Kung is the renowned defender of all; the great protector of the oppressed, patron of the military and Armed Forces, and guardian deity for triads, politicians, and business leaders. It is believed that leaders and businessmen who place an image of this deity behind them at work will never lack support from important people. Kwan Kung through his protective influences has also eventually become a symbol of wealth. Thus he has many roles and is a most useful personage to have in the house which brings multiple benefits. It is not necessary to worship or pray to this deity.

Display a Kwan Kung by your main door to ward off those with ill intentions. He must always be placed facing the entrance if protection is needed against evil, bad influences, and people with bad intentions. It is said that all negative energy and Sar chi (killing breath) entering the house will be reflected in the presence of Kwan Kung with a fierce countenance.

Images of Kwan Kung represent a powerful, confident, honorable, and successful leader who is very effective for energizing the Northwest sector to enhance Mentor luck based on the Pakua 8 Aspirations Theory. This also makes sure there are peace and harmony for everyone in the home and protection for the Father (Patriarch).

Kwan Kung is a must in business premises or shops facing the entrance at reception to assure themselves victory in competitive businesses and protection. Kwan Kung protects the establishment from fraud and embezzlement, promotes loyalty, and ensures smooth sailing. This is believed to help the business prosper even against overwhelming odds.

Kwan Kung made of metal is a good cure to use to weaken and suppress the earth element of Illness Star #2 and Five Yellow Star #5 in sectors afflicted by these malignant stars. The Illness Star 2 brings disease, sickness, and health problems while the Five yellow manifests as accidents, mishaps, and losses.

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