Golden Money Frog on Coins for Good Fortune


The Golden Money Frog on Coins for Good Fortune is an extremely powerful wealth enhancer to have in your house.

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This is a beautiful Money Frog made from resin and painted gold for a rich metallic look. It is depicted in its characteristic pose; sitting on a bed of gold coins and ingots, carrying a string of coins on its back, and biting a coin. Dotted with two red sparkly eyes and with crystal highlights on its back, this Money Frog looks appropriately resplendent. Coupled with all the good fortune and prosperity symbols, the Golden Money Frog on Coins for Good Fortune is indeed an extremely powerful wealth enhancer to have.

The Money Frog, also known as the three-legged toad or “Chan Chu” in Chinese is probably the most auspicious symbol of money-making. This mythical creature is said to appear every full moon near homes that will receive the good news of increased wealth or monetary gain. Often portrayed sitting on a bed of wealth bearing a coin in its mouth, it is a wonderful symbol for wealth and career luck and for the patriarch of the family. The Money Frog is used for attracting wealth and abundance and can often be seen near cash registers, receptions, managers’ desks, and offices in Oriental countries.

Display the Golden Money Frog on Coins for Good Fortune on your work desk, in the center of your home, in your lucky/best directions based on the 8 Mansions Theory, in the Wealth (South East), Career (North), or Mentor (North) sectors (refer to the Eight Trigrams Theory). It can be used to enhance the #8 Wealth Star or #1 Victory Star, (Find out more about 2013 Flying Stars here). This money churning symbol is a favorite near cash registers and receptions at the places of business. If kept near the front door, make sure it faces inwards to signify wealth flowing inwards. It should never be placed inside the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. Besides being a magnificent showpiece, the powerful energy of the Money Frog will bring you loads of monetary rewards and protect you from harm.

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