Pakua Aspirations Trigram

Lo Shu Square Superimposed with Pakua Method (8 Aspirations Luck) & the Trigram Method

Haven’t we all heard of the many amazing powers of Feng Shui and sometimes wished that we too can get to enjoy some of its benefits. But many of us find the practice too complex to grasp and difficult to incorporate into our lives. This is where the Pa Kua 8 Aspirations method of Feng Shui comes in. The Bagua 8 Life Aspirations Theory is one of the easiest yet most potent formulae of the Compass School of Feng Shui for activating sheng chi (good energy) in home interior. In this practice of feng shui, the Lo Shu magic square is incorporated into the pa kua, or bagua, the 8 kua system to produce a map that can ascertain the Feng Shui of any given environment.

The Lo Shu Square is a remarkable and accurate Feng Shui method that the Chinese used to understand and analyse the energy of the universe, its connectivity and the delicate balance of everything in it. The Lo Shu grid or the magic square gives a clear picture of what life has in store for us. With this understanding, the magic square became one of the main principles and foundation of Feng Shui practice.





Trigram Sun
::: WEALTH :::

Wood ~ Light Green ~ Rectangle ~ East Group ~ Eldest Daughter


Trigram Li
::: FAME :::

Fire ~ Red ~ Triangle ~ East Group ~ Middle Daughter


Trigram Kun
::: ROMANCE :::

Big Earth ~ Ochre ~ Square ~ West Group ~ Mother

(3) EAST

Trigram Chen
::: HEALTH :::
Big Wood ~ Dark Green ~ Rectangle ~ East Group ~ Eldest Son


Earth ~ Affect Whole Family

(7) WEST

Trigram Tui
::: CHILDREN :::

Metal ~ White ~ Circle ~ West Group ~ Youngest Daughter


Trigram Ken
Earth ~ Beige ~ Square ~ West Group ~Youngest Son


Trigram Kan
::: CAREER :::
Water ~ Blue ~ Wavy ~ East Group ~ Middle Son


Trigram Chien
::: MENTORS :::

Big Metal ~ Metalic ~ Circle ~ West Group ~ Father

The aspirations and attributes represented by each Kua are summarized as follows:

Lo Shu
Fame & Recognition
Red, Orange
Middle Daughter
Eye, Heart
South West
Love & Romance
Big Earth
Ochre, Peach
Children & Descendants
Small Metal
White, Gold, Silver
Youngest Daughter
Mouth, Chest
North West
Mentor, Benefactors
Big Metal
White, Gold, Silver
Head, Neck
Blue, Black
Middle Son
Ear, Kidney
North East
Education & Knowledge
Small Earth
Beige, Yellow
Youngest Son
Hand, Spine
Health & Family
Big Wood
Dark Green
Eldest Son
Foot, Liver
South East
Wealth & Prosperity
Small Wood
Light Green
Eldest Daughter
Hip, Thigh
Ying Yang
Spiritual, General
Brown, Yellow


To apply the 8 Aspirations Method of Feng Shui, you must, first of all, determine the compass directions of your house or space you wish to analyse. Then simply superimpose the Pa Kua map on the floor space where you wish to activate any of the 8 types of luck. Space can be the plan of the whole house (big tai chi) or a confined space of the room (small tai chi). After identifying the sector with the type of luck you wish to activate, start energizing the corresponding chi to achieve your aspiration. For example, use water or symbolic items such as the Ruyi, in the north/career sector to help you clinch that promotion or business deal you have been eyeing.

1. CAREER-NORTH (Click to view Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers for Career Success)
The North sector which houses the KAN trigram governs career success is a Water element area. This means it is the perfect sector to place water symbols such as ponds, fountains, aquarium, water feature, or the colour blue which represents water. Metal energy in the form of metal items or silver, gold and white work well too here as metal produce water in the element cycle. Concentrate on this Feng Shui Pa Kua area if you are having problems at work or need pointers on your next career move is. It is also a great idea to display the Tortoise (Celestial Guardian of the North) particularly a black tortoise made from metal here as a feng shui energy enhancer for your career – it will help attract a smooth, grounding energy and stability for your business projects and promotions in your career.

2. LOVE & RELATIONSHIP-SOUTH WEST (Full range of Feng Shui Products for Romance Luck)
The South West is the place of KUN, symbolizing love, romance, relationship and the matriarch. This is the most feminine or yin of all the trigrams and is governed by the element Earth bringing the essence of care, warmth, love and relationship with others. Enhance the earth energy with all types of crystals, especially the loving kind – crystal heartsmandarin ducksdouble happinessdragon & phoenix). Remember to have everything in pairs for maximum effect. Complimentary colours here are soft beige, yellow, orange and peach. If you having marital problems or looking for a soul mate, this is an area you’ll want to work on.

3. HEALTH & FAMILY-EAST (Feng Shui Health Remedies & Cures)
The East sector is the place CHEN which denotes health and family luck. The element is Wood and is the ideal spot for sons of the family. Home to the Celestial Green Dragon, this is the direction with the most Sheng Chi (good or growth chi). Display your proud dragon figure or picture here for health and make good use of live plants to enhance the wood energy. Crystal trees as well as brown and green work great here. A lovely dragon water feature will also work wonders as water nourishes the wood element. Focus on this area if you have family squabbles or health issues.

4. WEALTH-SOUTH EAST (View our complete range of Feng Shui Wealth Enhancers)
The South-East or SUN trigram is the prosperity sector of every home, room and office. Besides material wealth, it also relates to personal abundance and opportunities in life. If you wish to attract increased income and opportunities, activate this corner. The element is Wood, so the colours brown, green and blue (water energizes wood) are appropriate choices here. Live plants which magnify growth chi are ideal but avoid metal which destroys wood. Place a water feature to churn up the money luck. You’ll want to concentrate on this area if you are facing cash flow problems or are plagued by bad luck.

The Center of the home or any room is very important. Being an Earth sector, the colours yellow and brown reign. It relates to health issues, spirituality and whether you feel energized with a sense of life balance and well being. If you feel unwell, overwhelmed, stressed and lacking in vitality this is the area to concentrate on. Keep clutter-free and place six smooth crystal balls here for harmony.

6. MENTOR & BENEFACTOR-NORTH WEST (Feng Shui Products for Mentor Luck)
The North West, place of CHIEN, relates to the patriarch & patronage luck and represents the full force of Yang (Heaven) energy. It is a powerful sector within the home and represents your connection with the outside world including your mentors, colleagues and friends, networking, travel and business prospects. If you want help from powerful and influential people, this is the sector to activate. Similarly, if you wish your father of husband to be successful, this too is the place to work your Feng Shui magic on. Focus on enhancing this Metal energy with silver, gold and white colours. Display your wealth vase and wealth ship here and pile up with coins, ingots, gold plated statues, silver bells and singing bowls in this auspicious and important North West sector. Avoid water images as they will deplete the beneficial metal energy.

7. CHILDREN & CREATIVITY-WEST (See our wide range of Children & Fertility Enhancers)
The West sector, the house of TUI, represents descendants’ luck, children and creativity. For those with families, children represent true creativity as they are a manifestation of our chi, our love and our blood. Similarly, our future projects, schemes, dreams and creations can fall into the same category. New projects that we undertake as they develop and grow are indeed our ‘children. Protected by the White Tiger (Celestial Animals of the West), the west is governed by the Metal element; hence its complementary colours are white, silver and gold. Activate the West with gold coins, ingots, metal wind chimes or crystals, if you are having problems conceiving or your children are giving problems, this is the area to attend to.

8. EDUCATION & KNOWLEDGE-NORTH EAST (Education & Scholastic Feng Shui Products)
The North East where the KEN trigram resides is an Earth element corner and the powerful chi of this kua brings excellent examination luck, scholastic honours, scholarships and literary success. Ideally, this sector of your home should be used as a study or meditation room where you can retreat to when you need to switch off and recharge. It’s also the ideal place to read and develop your inner wisdom. If this is not viable, just activate the North East of the study area or your child’s room with earth energy (crystals – round crystal balls, crystal points, crystal paperweights, crystal globes, crystal pagodas, any types of crystals) to harness education luck. If you want your children to excel in their studies or you feel harassed and short on time for yourself, try looking at this area of the Feng Shui Pa Kua for answers.

9. FAME & RECOGNITION-SOUTH (Feng Shui Products to activate Fame & Recognition Luck)
The South or LI sector of your home, office or any particular room symbolizes aspirations of fame, recognition and good reputation – an acknowledgement of your achievement. This sector not only helps to inspire us internally but gets us noticed externally at the same time. Promotions and upward mobility are located in the South. The South sector belongs to the Fire element which brings wisdom, clarity, brilliance, perception and intuition, so use red and purple and bright lights to enhance the chi. Avoid blues and water symbols here as water puts out fire. Energize the South with its celestial guardian, the Phoenix as well as images of the victory horse. Shine a light on each or everyone for good measure. If you feel that you are not getting your dues in work or other aspects of your life, you might want to activate this sector for recognition luck.

We can thus see that the Pa Kua 8 Aspirations method of Feng Shui combines the power of Compass Feng Shui with Symbolism Feng Shui to achieve optimum results. This when applied with a basic understanding of the 5 elements (Wu Xing) will produce wonderful results. Just remember to use the product cycle to enhance your desired element and avoid elements that will weaken or destroy it.

5-element-cyclesFeng Shui 5 Element Cycles


Productive Cycles: Fire ==> Earth ==> Metal ==> Water ==> Wood ==> Fire
Weakening Cycles: Fire ~~> Wood ~~> Water ~~> Metal ~~> Earth ~~> Fire
Destroying Cycles: Fire >X> Metal >X> Wood >X> Earth >X> Water >X> Fire

For instance, the wood element of the Wealth sector (South East) is strengthened by wood as well as water but destroyed by metal or weakened by fire.

And just in case you are not into Chinese symbols or antique-looking artefacts, not to worry, you don’t have to be. You’ll be surprised at the wide range and design of Feng Shui products available which can complement any type of decor, be it contemporary chic, minimalistic Zen or even country classic. You can choose symbols from your own culture or personal taste. Don’t like Dragon & Phoenix? A pair of any love birds will do just fine. There is plenty of room for your own creativity and taste to come into play.

So no more excuses and delay. Start applying the Pa Kua 8 Aspirations Theory to feng shui your space now and be rewarded with amazing returns.