Golden Three Sheep San Yang Kai Tai


Display the Golden Three Sheep San Yang Kai Tai in your house or office will open up lots of opportunities for success and prosperity.

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This is a gorgeous representation of three generations of Goat seen standing and resting together looking proud and happy on mountainous terrain to signify a happy and prosperous family. The four Chinese characters “San Yang Kai Tai” herald the beginnings of good fortune.

San Yang Kai Tai” (三阳开泰) is an auspicious Chinese saying from I-Ching (the Book of Change) to signify that spring is here and everything under the sun looks fresh and will have a prosperous future. The ‘Yang’ (阳 for the sun) sounds the same as sheep/goat in Chinese, so over time, the pictorial representation of the auspicious expression evolved into the popular 3 sheep against a mountain landscape. Since then, the three-goat motif has been employed by artists, who sometimes cleverly included three goats or sheep in their paintings to wish people good fortune.

The Goat/Sheep (eighth Horoscope animal of the Chinese Zodiac) also symbolizes tranquility and intelligence with a mind for business. A person of the Goat year is called the Good Samaritan of the cycle. He or she is righteous, sincere, artistic, fashionable, and a creative worker. The Goat is known for his gentle and compassionate ways. He can forgive easily and be understanding about other’s faults. It is believed that placing the Goat figurines in your home or workplace will strengthen and enhance all the good traits and characteristics it represents in family members born in the year of Goat.

You can choose to display the Golden Three Sheep San Yang Kai Tai in the wealth (South East), career (North), or mentor (North West) sectors based on the Eight Trigrams Theory, or use it to enhance areas housing favorable Flying Stars #1, #4 and #8. (Find out more about Flying Stars here). Besides being a magnificent showpiece, the combined energies from these powerful symbols will open up lots of opportunities for success and prosperity.

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