Golden Wealth Pot with Treasures and Catseye


Display the Golden Wealth Pot with Treasures and Catseye in your home or office to invite loads of material luck as well as spiritual luck into your life.

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This is an extremely auspicious pot filled with overflowing goodies and treasures – gold ingots, gold coins, gemstones, and jewels, all strong symbols of prosperity to signify accumulation of wealth and abundance. The pot is decorated with the symbols of eight auspicious objects in Buddhism namely the Canopy, Mystic Knot, Double Carps, Treasure Vase, Lotus Flower, Conch-shell, Banner of Victory, and Wheel of Dharma. These are complete good fortune and luck-bringing symbols, a charm that is extremely popular to the Tibetans.

Display the Golden Wealth Pot with Treasures and Catseye in your home or office facing or near the main entrance. This will invite loads of material luck as well as spiritual luck into your life.

Here is how you can use the Wealth Pot to Feng Shui your way to a better life.

1. Display the Wealth Pot in your living room in a location where you will see it as soon as you enter your home. It will enhance the wealth luck of everyone in the family.

2. Alternatively, you can place it in the Southeast corner of your home or office. It is the universal corner for Wealth luck according to the Pakua’s Aspirations Trigram.

3. For business and career success, place the wealth pot in your office, business premise, shop, or near your cash register to usher in good wealth and luck from all directions as well as to safeguard your fortune.

The Wealth Pot is a must for those seeking to attract windfalls’ luck and solidify their fortune through investment and business. It is especially potent when placed near the Gods of Wealth.

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