Green Jambhala Tibetan God of Wealth Card


This is a pocket-size carry-along Green Jambhala Tibetan Wealth Charm ideal for your wallet or purse.


This is a pocket-size carry-along Tibetan Wealth Charm ideal for your wallet or purse. It features the image of the green Jambhala/Dzambhala, one of the five Tibetan Buddhist gods of Wealth. He is depicted in a tight embrace with his consort and holding in his left hand a treasury mongoose that spews out precious ornaments and jewels. Green Jambhala is a form of Buddha Akshobhya, which is blue in color. Green Dzambhala made a vow to Buddha Sakyamuni that he will protect anyone who chants his mantra. When you have difficulties in life especially related to money, chant sincerely in your heart his mantra to invoke his help. The Mantra for the Green Jambhala God of Wealth is the same as the Yellow Jambhala – “Om Zambala Zalendhraye Soha.”

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