Inner Celestial Mansion of Avalokiteshvara Mirror Amulet


This is a gorgeous mirror amulet featuring a Mandala representing the holy residence of Avalokiteshvara whilst the other side has a shiny reflective surface encircled with powerful mantras.


This is a gorgeous mirror amulet featuring a Mandala representing the holy residence of Avalokiteshvara whilst the other side has a shiny reflective surface encircled with powerful mantras. The polished gold handle is embellished with a glorious gold ball chain tassel.

Although depicted on a flat surface, the Mandala is actually three-dimensional, being a “divine mansion” at the center of which resides Avalokiteshvara, surrounded by the deities of his entourage. The central deity Avaloketishvara represents the freedom from attachment. The four colors in the four directions are the emanated light rays of the four deity retinues. In general, the Mandala shows a method of bringing peace and harmony in our world, through genuine practices of the mind of Great Compassion, the Wisdom of Emptiness, and the meditations of Mandala with their respective deities.

Avalokiteshvara, (or Chenrezig in Tibetan and Kwan Yin in Chinese) is the Buddhist deity who personifies the ideal of compassion. He can be portrayed in several different forms, two of the most popular being as a white deity with either four arms or 1000 arms; the extra arms symbolize his ability to help many beings simultaneously.

Mirrors have been used by many cultures traditionally to protect as well as symbolically swipe away all obstacles to success and attract all kinds of good fortune. Some mirrors can be used to ward off evil spirits and bad intentions towards us. Used with empowering mantras and meditations, mirrors become a powerful talisman that can be kept for life. This mirror is incredibly powerful for harnessing and channeling enormous blessings from the divine mansion of Avalokiteshvara into your life.

Invite the presence of Avalokiteshvara and his retinue deities into your home or place of work or better yet, carry this talisman everywhere with you to enjoy its harmonious vibrations and protective aura at all times. Besides being a beautiful accessory, the Inner Celestial Mansion of Avalokiteshvara Mirror Amulet will bring you the blessings of the Bodhisattva of Compassion to remove problems and protect you from harm and misfortune. All metal make of this lovely amulet also makes it a formidable cure to neutralize the afflictions of the Illness #2 and #5 Yellow Flying Stars.

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