Jade Prosperity Dragon Mystic Knot Tassel


Hang the Jade Prosperity Dragon Mystic Knot Tassel near you in your office to brings good fortune and success luck.

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This is a beautiful jade pendant carved into a dragon. It is made into a hanging embellished with decorative beads, a mystic knot, and Chinese tassels.

The Dragon is the most potent Chinese good fortune symbol. The symbol of the dragon is said to generate the cosmic chi that brings wealth luck and good fortune as well as offering powerful protection, which can successfully ward off illness and accident.

An all-rounder bringer of good luck, the Dragon is a powerful enhancer for business luck. It also brings foresight and wisdom for the elderly, brings honor to the family, protects the wearer, and paves the way for more accolades in coming years.

For career luck and those seeking continuous achievement in their chosen profession or in business, hang the Jade Prosperity Dragon Mystic Knot Tassel near you eg. in your office, or study. You will benefit from the use of the dragon symbol to create the precious cosmic chi, the energy that brings good fortune and successful luck to houses. Your professional luck will look rosy! Ideally, hang the image of the dragon in the East sector.

The Chinese believed that by holding or gently rubbing the pendant with your fingers, the virtues of the Jade pendant will be transferred to your body.

A Little about the Power of Jade:

Jade or ‘yu’ in Chinese is also known as the “Stone of Heaven”. Jade is a desired stone prized for thousands of years in China for its purity, serenity, protective powers, and healing qualities. Associated with the heart chakra, Jade increases love. It is also said to stimulate creativity and mental agility, and attract good luck and enhance one’s health.

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Jadeite Green (with Yellow color string)