Laughing Buddha Holding Ruyi Sitting on Money Toad


Laughing Buddha Holding Ruyi Sitting on Money Toad brings you abundance and good fortune. Place one into your home or workplace.

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Don’t worry, be happy! That’s the cheery mantra of the lovable Laughing Buddha (Matreiya or Future Buddha). And that’s exactly what this intricately detailed and delightful composition of the Laughing Buddha Holding Ruyi Sitting on Money Toad will help you achieve. Just the sight of his perpetually jolly demeanor and infectious smile will soothe the mind, lighten the heart, bringing a sense of joy and contentment.

He is depicted carrying a Ruyi or scepter (meaning “as you wish” in Chinese) symbolizing power and authority which in turn leads to the achievement of goals and subsequent abundance. He holds a string of prayer beads on his other hand for additional blessings. A mala bead necklace with a Fuk Lock Coin helps to magnify and seal in good luck, wealth, and happiness.

All these abundances and good fortune brought by the Laughing Buddha is amplified with him riding a Money Frog on a base of treasures – gold coins, jewels, and ingots. The Money Frog, also known as the three-legged toads or “Chan Chu” in Chinese is probably the most auspicious symbol of money-making. The mythical Money Frog is one of the five Chinese holy creatures that protect us against misfortune and brings to our household increased wealth or monetary gain. Often portrayed sitting on a bed of wealth bearing a coin in its mouth, it is a wonderful symbol for wealth and career luck and for the patriarch of the family. The Money Frog is used for attracting wealth and abundance and can often be seen near cash registers, receptions, managers’ desks, and offices in Oriental countries.

Place this image in your home or workplace and prepare to welcome greater happiness, improved health, increased wealth, more success, and infinite fulfillment into your life. What are you waiting for!

The Laughing Buddha can practically be placed in any part of the home or office except in the toilet areas and kitchen. Here is how you can use the Brass Money Laughing Buddha Sitting on Money Frog to Feng Shui your way to a better life.

1. A good place to put the Laughing Buddha is in the living room, preferably facing the front door to harness good fortune while staving off bad luck, to bring harmony and dissolve conflicts, to absorb negative Chi, and emanate auspicious energies.

2. The Laughing Buddha may also be placed on the study desk to take away pressure and stress, as well as to assist the student towards fulfilling academic goals.

3. Place the Laughing Buddha in your office table or reception area of your shop to bring wealth luck and harmony as well as to prevent backstabbing.

4. You may display the Laughing Buddha according to the Pakua Eight Trigrams Theory, i.e in the North West for mentor luck, South West for Matriarch luck or to boost career luck in the North.

5. The Laughing Buddha can also be used to enhance favorable Flying Stars, especially the #1, #6, and #8 stars. In addition, it is an effective remedy to dissipate the negative energies of unfavorable stars.

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