Money Bag with Gold Ingot and Ruyi


Display the Money Bag with Gold Ingot and Ruyi not only as a powerful wealth energizer but attracts authority and power as well.

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This is a very auspicious-looking Golden Money Bag chock full and overflowing with gold ingots and topped with an imperial Ru Yi. The body of the pot is embellished with propitious Chinese characters to usher in good fortune, further enhancing this powerful wealth attracting symbol.

Money bags, much like wealth pots, have long been used to represent wealth and power. In ancient times, the wealthy in China would carry these small bags made of expensive and ornate fabric as a status symbol. Even landform in the shape of a money bag is considered auspicious by Feng Shui masters – a good example being the vibrant and prosperous Hong Kong Harbor. A money bag, when full of gold ingots, coins, and precious jewels to signify accumulation of wealth symbolizes never-ending good fortune and wealth.

The Ruyi or scepter (meaning “as you wish” in Chinese) symbolizes power and authority which in turn leads to the achievement of goals and subsequent abundance. Thus, this item is also ideal for boosting one’s career luck, promises respect and recognition, and ensures smoothness of business pursuits.

Display the Money Bag with Gold Ingot and Ruyi in your home or business premises not only as a powerful wealth energizer but attracts authority and power as well. Using the 8 Trigrams chi map, you can display it in the southeast corner to activate wealth luck, the North for business and career luck, or the North West to attract money-making opportunities for the Patriarch. The money bag is also an excellent way to boost wealth attracting #8 Flying Star.

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