Pair of Brass Colored Feng Shui Pi Yao


This pair of brass-colored heavenly Pi Yao is a powerful and auspicious Feng Shui remedy cum enhancer to appease the Tai Sui and to increase money-making opportunities.

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This pair of brass-colored heavenly Pi Yao is depicted with one horn, sparkling red eyes, Wu Lou of longevity around the neck, around the full stomach that signifies lots of wealth, and sitting on a bed of coins to symbolize prosperity. They are lovely to own by those seeking to ward off bad luck and to increase your fortune.

The Pi Xiu or Pi Yao, a mythical creature that is a powerful and auspicious symbol of good fortune, is adored by many because of its very protective, obedient, and loyal nature. Colorful tales have it that it has a voracious appetite for precious stones and jewels which go into its body but never come out as it does not have an anus! Of course, this translates to infinite wealth coming in and none going out. No wonder, the Pi Yao is favored by businessmen and is often seen in banks, casinos, foreign exchange markets, and finance companies in Oriental countries.

Last but not least, the Pi Xiu is also a wonderful symbol to appease the Tai Sui as it is known to be the pet of the Grand Duke himself. It has the ability to help anyone having bad Feng Shui due to having offended the Grand Duke Jupiter. Whilst those whose Chinese horoscope sign is in conflict with Tai Sui must wear or carry a Pi Yao amulet throughout the year of affliction for protection, it is recommended that everyone should have a Pi Xiu as one may inadvertently face and offend the Tai Sui without knowing it.

Invite the Pair of Brass Colored Feng Shui Pi Yao into your home or place of work to enjoy all the protection and blessings of the very auspicious Pi Yao symbol. Stay protected from troubles, illnesses, and misfortunes, especially the wrath of the Tai Sui.

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