Pair of Golden Camel Cash Flow Protection


This Pair of Golden Camel Cash Flow Protection is the perfect remedy for those who are facing a tough times, whether at work, financially or in their personal life.

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This pair of golden Camels beautifully crafted in gold plated metal and standing on a bed of gold ingots, is the perfect remedy for those who are facing a tough time, whether at work, financially, or in their personal life. In Feng Shui, it is believed that a single-humped camel helps stabilize income and safeguard wealth, while a two-humped camel provides support to overcome financial difficulties.

What better animal to symbolize resilience and persistence than the fabulous Camel. The very word gives rise to images of these hardy and loyal creatures undertaking long expeditions through unforgiving conditions, toiling steadily in scorching heat or freezing cold conditions while transporting precious cargo and their owners across great distances. Aptly called “Ship of the Desert”, these large mammals in adapting to extremely harsh conditions—cold, hot, aridity of deserts or semi-deserts, camels have acquired many special abilities and attributes. They can store energy in their humps and abdomen in the form of fat, enabling them to survive long periods without any food or water. It is little wonder then that Camels have come to represent these virtuous qualities – strength, diligence, adaptability, persistence, endurance, and loyalty. With these traits, we can overcome tough and difficult times to emerge stronger and unharmed.

Call upon the camel for strength, endurance, and protection if you are faced with a potentially formidable path ahead. Displaying the Pair of Golden Camel for Cash Flow Protection in your home or office will get you out of troubled times so that you will come out not only unscathed but successful and blessed with good luck The camel has the capability to smoothen your journey, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, as you make our way along the long path of life.

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