Prosperous Green Jade Pi Xiu Pendant Necklace1

Prosperous Green Jade Pi Xiu Pendant Necklace


The Prosperous Green Jade Pi Xiu Pendant Necklace, besides being an elegant accessory, is a handy Feng Shui amulet to appease the Tai Sui.


This is a charming oriental necklace featuring the auspicious Pi Yaocrafted from green Jadeand tied to a silk cord necklace.

Of all, the most revered property of thePi Yaotoday has to be its ability to appease theGrand Duke Jupiter of Tai Suiwhich changes its direction every year and occupies 15 degrees of the compass sector. Sitting, sleeping, or even walking facing His direction is said to confront him and will incur his wrath and bring misfortunes, from mild to the severe kind, even if you unknowingly did so. Wearing theYellow Jasper Pi Yao Braceletwill protect you against the Grand Duke Jupiter’s wrath and take your mind off from worrying if you are doing whatever in the right or wrong directions, 24/7. Carry it in your bag wherever you go or hang it in your car so that the ‘guardian angel’ is always there with you, to protect you from harm.

Other powers of the Pi Yao include the ability to usher in wealth, attract good luck, ward off evil, bring good Feng Shui, provide protection to the home and individuals and bring windfall luck.

Jadeor ‘yu’ in Chinese is also known as the “Stone of Heaven”. Jade is a desired stone prized for thousands of years in China for its purity, serenity, protective powers, and healing qualities. Associated with the heart chakra, Jade increases love. It is also said to stimulate creativity and mental agility, and attract good luck and enhance one’s health.

TheProsperous Green Jade Pi Xiu Necklace will not only add some oriental charm to your outfit but also attract all the blessings associated with this amazing gemstone as well as the Pi Yao symbol.

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