Red Crystal Ball with Mantra


The Red Crystal Ball with Mantra helps resolve issues of missing Earth or Fire elements and provides healing and balancing effects to manifest good Feng Shui.

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This exquisite piece has a Red Crystal Ball made from high-quality synthetic crystal standing on a clear crystal base. The surface of the ball is etched with rows of the powerful Wish Fulfilling Mantra to bring all the blessings of life for spiritual, emotional, mental, physical & material fulfillment. The Red Crystal ball with Mantra and base sparkle as they catch and reflect light in a myriad of enchanting patterns. Simply beautiful!

The Wish Fulfilling Mantra (Om Padma Ushnisha Vimale Hum Phat) is very effective in bringing more happiness, a better life, and greater peace of mind. It can be used for any desires, goals, issues, or problems, whether for love, marriage, relationships, children, health, career, success, business, wealth, or prosperity. This mantra can be recited, written, or worn for the fulfillment of any worthy goal or desire. In fact, just looking at the mantra so that an image of the mantra is etched into your consciousness is a powerful purifying practice. The clear crystal base is specially designed so that the ball rotates effortlessly with just a slight twirl. Working much like that the Tibetan prayer wheel, this generates as much merit as reciting the mantras out loud. Make sure you spin the ball daily to maximize the wish-fulfilling power of the crystal ball.

Crystal balls are lovely and versatile Feng Shui items that can act as enhancers as well as cures and certainly add beauty, light, and depth to a room. Feng Shui wise, crystals belong to the Earth element and are thus powerful energizers when placed in the Earth sectors of South West (matriarch and relationship luck) and North East (knowledge and education luck). As Earth feeds Metal in the productive cycle of the 5 elements, the Metal sectors of North West (patriarch and mentor luck) and West (children and descendants luck) will also benefit greatly from the placement of crystal here. Learn the location from the Eight Aspiration Chart. Similarly, crystal balls can be used as effective enhancers of friendly Earth and Metal Flying Stars such as #8 Wealth Star and #6 Heavenly Star. In this case, the red color of the crystal also provides the crystal ball with qualities of the Fire element. It is thus excellent for boosting fame and recognition luck in the South and enhancing the #9 Magnifying Star to bring wealth, acknowledgment, growth, and improvement. It is also the perfect cure for the argumentative #3 flying star which brings quarrels, misunderstanding, disagreement, aggressions, hostilities, negative encounters, lawsuits, and legal entanglements. Find out about their locations from our Monthly Flying Star Prediction.

Besides making a stunning decorative accent, the versatile and fabulous Red Crystal Ball with Mantra helps resolve issues of missing Earth or Fire elements and provides healing and balancing effects to manifest good Feng Shui. Place it in your home or workplace to experience the powerful protection of the crystal balls and prepare to welcome greater happiness, improved health, increased wealth, more success, and infinite fulfillment into your life.

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