Six Birds Auspicious Multiplier


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The Six Birds Auspicious Multiplier specially designed to capture and activate the luck brought by the Big and Small Auspicious Stars from the 24 Mountains Feng Shui Chart. It features six birds and the Auspicious Enhancer to capture the #6 Heaven Star that rules the year’s Feng Shui chart, unlocking the celestial blessings from the universe.

The Big Auspicious Star brings great luck in business, careers and promotion. It manifests awesome opportunities and windfalls that bring big bonuses, sudden wealth luck, new lucrative jobs, and good fortune so do make sure you activate its energy because if you do, you will become a magnet for big things to come to you. It believed to get you the promotion you have been anticipating, a career path that sets you on a positive trajectory, big contracts and important contacts that open new doors of opportunity for you.

The Small Auspicious Star brings continuous good fortune occurrences, in smaller ways. It helps increase success in your endeavours and makes your life smoother. Do activate this Star so that your year will be sprinkled with many triumphant and sweet moments that bring much joy and fulfilment to you.

In the year of the Ox 2021, ALL zodiac signs benefit from displaying the Six Birds Auspicious Multiplier in the sector where the Big and Small Auspicious stars appear, or in a prominent area in your home or office where you can see it often such as your work desk or living room.

In the year of the Ox 2021, the Snakes, Dragons, Dogs and Roosters blessed with the Big Auspicious Stars in the SE and West sectors. The Small Auspicious Stars benefit the Ox, Monkey and Dog in the NE, SW and NW. For the rest of the signs, it’s also beneficial to you to activate these stars by placing the Feng Shui Mirror especially if you spend a great deal of time in these directions (SE, SW, W, NW) e.g. in the living room, bedroom and study.


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