Sodalite Feng Shui Crystal Sphere 90Mm

Buy Feng Shui enhancers and cure – Sodalite Feng Shui Crystal Sphere 90Mm.

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This is a beautiful Sodalite sphere presented on a plastic base. Solid Crystal spheres are often the number one choice by Feng Shui masters and practitioners who intend to enhance Earth energies in a certain sector or to activate the Mountain Star in the flying star natal chart of a building.

Sodalite is a wonderful stone that unites logic with intuition and opens spiritual perception. It instills a drive for truth and an urge toward idealism, making it possible to remain true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs. Sodalite clears electromagnetic pollution and can be placed on computers to block their emanations. It’s also a particularly useful stone for group work as it brings harmony and solidarity of purpose. Mentally, this crystal eliminates mental confusion encourages rational thought and objectivity, and stimulates the release of old mental conditioning and rigid mindsets. Psychologically, this semi-precious gem brings about emotional balance and calms panic attacks, and enhances self-esteem and self-acceptance.

The Crystal sphere is a really very versatile and useful Feng Shui enhancer to own. Here are the many ways you can utilize the Sodalite Crystal ball to Feng Shui your way to a better life.

1. Display the Feng Shui Sodalite Crystal sphere in the Northwest to increase money luck and opportunities from helpful people in your business pursuits or career. Especially beneficial to the patriarch or breadwinner of the family. Also to promote smooth relationships between couples. If you can afford it, place six crystal spheres here as it is the number of Northwest.

2. Display the Crystal sphere in the Southwest corner of your living room or bedroom to enhance the relationship and romance luck. This method especially favors the wife of the matriarch of the family. For best results, place two crystal spheres here as it is the number of Southwest.

3. Place the Feng Shui Sodalite Crystal ball in the Northeast of a bedroom/study or on the desk of the student to enhance education luck.

4. Feng Shui masters highly recommend one to place up to six pieces of Crystal spheres (the same or different crystal) in the center of the home or the corner diagonal to the entrance of a room to achieve greater harmony in the family as well as to ensure good money luck, windfall luck and speculative luck.

5. Place the Crystal sphere on your work desk if you want to accelerate your career. Having a Crystal sphere on your desk aids excellent decision-making and concentration.

6. Position the Feng Shui Sodalite Crystal ball inside your home opposite the main door preferably at eye level to neutralize and nourish any negative energy entering the space.

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