Solid Brass Early Heaven Bagua Mirror


Install the Solid Brass Early Heaven Bagua Mirror above your house entrance to repel Shar chi from poison arrows and malevolent spirits.

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This is a classic brass Pa Kua comprising a mirror with the Early Heaven Pa Kua Trigrams where the Heaven (Chien or Qian) Trigram is on top and the Earth (Kun) Trigram at the bottom. The arrangement of the trigrams is symmetrical by forming exact contrary pairs, symbolizing the opposite forces of Yin and Yang and representing an ideal state when everything is in balance. The reverse side features a special Taoist talisman for further protection. The Bagua hanging protects and adjusts negative Chi directed at the house from outside forces.

The Pa Kua (or Bagua) Mirror is a traditional Feng Shui cure commonly used for protection against the most malignant type of energies – the killing energy or Shar Chi generated from ‘poison arrows’ directed to your house, shop, or building. Poison arrows can manifest in many forms: offending poles, lamp posts, trees, a large building, edges of the building, a road headed towards you, T-Junctions, escalators and other imposing structures, infrastructures, or landscape in front of your house or workplace’s main door, the ‘chi’ entry point. At its best, this kind of killing Chi could result in constant arguments, depression, and minor misfortunes, and at its worst brings severe sickness, mishaps, accidents, and even death in the household if it is not promptly dealt with. Pa Kua mirrors are also used to repel evil spirits and people with bad intentions towards you.

Install the Solid Brass Early Heaven Bagua Mirror above your house entrance to repel Shar chi from poison arrows, malevolent spirits, bad luck, and people with bad intentions. Due to its heavy metal make, this talisman is also suitable for main doors afflicted by the #2 and #5 Flying Stars. Always keep in mind that Pa Kua Mirrors can only be placed outdoor and should NEVER be hung indoors or it will do great harm.

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