Star of David with Seven Gold Ingots


Place the Star of David with Seven Gold Ingots in any part of the house or office to generate good chi that promotes good wealth lucks.


This lovely product features the Star of David symbol is carved on a round perspex base with a clear yellow liuli ingot positioned on each of the six tips of the star, and a larger ingot in the center.

The Star of David is an ancient, sacred symbol found in many spiritual traditions worldwide. This six-pointed star is formed by a downward pointing triangle merged with an upward-pointing triangle. This sacred shape represents the Yin Yang energies whilst the 7 ingots symbolize the 7 chakras or chi/energy centers of the human body. The 6-pointed Star of David which greatly enhances and strengthens the inherent beneficial energies of the crystal liuli in serves to clear, activate and align the 7 chakras so that we can achieve the highest excellence in all areas of life. Thus, the Star of David with Seven Gold Ingots is the best tool to continuously recycle chi in your surroundings endlessly, bringing lots of wealth, good fortune, and money to the family.

Ingots or sycees, referred to as Yuen Bao (元寶) in Chinese is usually in gold or silver. They were used as a currency by high officials and emperors in ancient China and today, in Feng Shui terms, they are regarded as the symbol of wealth and fortune. Gold ingots are extremely auspicious and are essential ingredients for wealth vases and wealth ships. Placing them with other wealthy deities such as Fuk Luk Sau and Chai Sen Yeh will magnify their effect.

Place the Star of David with Seven Gold Ingots in any part of the house or office to generate ongoing good chi that promotes harmony, activates fortune, and aids healing. You may choose to display them in your lucky/best directions based on the 8 Mansions Theory, in the wealth (South East), love (South West), or career (North) sectors (refer to the Pakua Aspirations Trigram) or to enhance auspicious Flying Stars especially the #1, #6 and #8 stars (Find out more about Flying Stars here). Besides being a charming showpiece, the combined energies from these powerful symbols will bring you success & harmony, grant you good health & wealth, and protect you from all sorts of harm.

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Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 5.1 × 2.5 cm

Yellow Liuli Crystal Glass


Yellow and Clear