White Tara Mirror for Longevity and Wisdom


Cary the White Tara Mirror for Longevity and Wisdom to blessed with her compassion, love, and wisdom which in turn brings health, strength, and longevity.


This is an exquisite mirror comprising a gold plated round disc with one side featuring the image of the White Tara whilst the other has a shiny reflective surface encircled with her powerful mantra. The polished gold handle is embellished with a glorious metallic gold ball chain tassel.

Tara belongs to the Karma family of unobstructed compassionate activity. She is known as the Swift One, due to her immediate response to those who request her aid. Furthermore, she is known as the great liberator, specializing in overcoming obstacles in whatever form they manifest in our lives. She is especially known for her power to overcome the most difficult situations, giving protection against dangers and all kinds of fear. Tara has 21 primary emanations that perform different activities such as pacification, enhancement, protection, etc. For instance, White represents the enlightened activity of pacifying by overcoming sickness and obstacles in life, Yellow increases the positive qualities conducive to a long life, peace, and happiness, Black/Blue involves forceful methods and wrath to destroy enemies and evil spirits.

One of the more popular forms of the savior Goddess Tara, White Tara is worshiped for her compassion, love, and wisdom which in turn brings health, strength, and longevity. She is often referred to as the Mother of all the Buddhas, conferring longevity and fulfilling earthly desires through the activities of pacifying, increasing, and subjugating. She represents the motherly aspect of compassion. Her white color not only indicates purity but also indicates that she is true, complete, and undifferentiated. She is generally regarded by many as the protector of women and children. By this association, she is also seen as a fertility goddess capable of fulfilling one’s desire to conceive and have children. Chant the mantra of White Tara OṀ TĀRE TUTTĀRE TURE PRAJNA HRIM HRIM SOHA to invoke all her blessings and protection.

The Tibetans & Chinese traditionally make use of mirrors extensively to protect as well as symbolically swipe away all obstacles to success and attract all kinds of good fortune. Some mirrors can be used to ward off evil spirits and bad intentions towards us. Used with empowering mantras and meditations, mirrors become a powerful talisman that can be kept for life.

Invite the White Tara into your home or place of work. Besides being a beautiful collector’s item, the White Tara Mirror will bring you the blessings of Tara and protect you from harm and misfortune. The all-metal make of this item also doubles it as a formidable Metal Cure to weaken the malignant #2 Black and #5 Yellow Stars.

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Dimensions 3.8 × 0.3 × 7.1 cm