Golden Wind Horse Keychain Amulet


This powerful Wind Horse Keychain Amulet symbol will bring you wealth, abundance, power, good luck, strength, and success.

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This is an adorable miniature of a Wind Horse intricately crafted into a key chain from good quality metal and plated in glorious gold. Bearing gifts of treasures and a symbolic diamond-like crystal, the exquisite Feng Shui Wind Horse is an auspicious symbol for the attainment of success and wealth.

Having its origin in the old Tibetan BuddhismWind Horse has several meanings in the Tibetan context. On the outer level, the Wind Horse is a mythical creature that combines the speed of the wind and the strength of the horse to carry prayers from earth to the heavens. This gives rise to the Tibetan prayer flag being known as the Lung Ta, which is Wind Horse in Tibetan. Lung Ta is also associated with positive energy or life force and good luck. It is both the subjugator of evil and the vehicle of enlightenment. It is believed that when your personal Wind Horse is strong, wearing the Wind Horse in gold enhances this good fortune; and in years when your success luck is weak, having the Wind Horse near you ensures that success can still be attained.

Be sure to benefit from the protective and beneficial energy of the Wind Horse Amulet by clipping it onto your bag or anywhere you like. Besides being a fabulous accessory, the energy of this powerful symbol will bring you wealth, abundance, power, good luck, strength, and success. This equine beauty is especially ideal for the Sheep born (secret friend) as well as those whose zodiac signs are the Dog and Tiger (horoscope allies) as referring to the horoscope allies and secret friends chart.

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