Yellow Jasper Carp Water Feature Fountain


This Yellow Jasper Carp Water Feature Fountain is specially designed to generate prosperity chi and fortune luck for you.

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This beautiful Yellow Jasper Carp Water Feature Fountain is a must-have item in-home or office. A water feature also known as the most powerful and popular enhancer of good fortune that magnifies business luck, wealth luck and riches. Placing a water feature in the correct corners of homes or business premises. This is the best method of energizing the wonderful essence of the water element. Hence, will offer the promise of enhanced money luck to you.

This really is an impressive looking water feature carefully selected by us that will add Feng Shui beauty and auspicious chi to any home or office décor. This water features specially designed with Feng Shui in mind. Iit is conducive to generate prosperity chi and fortune luck for you. To further enhance its potency, this water fountain carved into the shape of a carp, a fabulous symbol of abundance and success in Feng Shui.

This outstanding and very durable tabletop water fountain is carved out of semi-precious stone Jasper, an expensive crystal itself. It will last a lifetime and will not wear out and leak like those water features or fountains made of fibre or resin.

Jasper crystal has the power to cool, soothe and calm the mind and nerves, hence reduce stress and brings tranquillity. It enhances one’s ability to relax and heal if necessary. Jasper is also reputed to promote creativity, enhance spiritual solidarity, stimulate imagination, and imbue courage and willpower.

In terms of the movement of water, the best and most recommended by most Classical Feng Shui Masters is one that has a rolling ball mechanism incorporated in the water feature.  For instance, this item. The strong pump raises water to the topmost of the water feature. Then roll the ball in the process and cascades down to the basin below.

The moving water and ball will activate or create the auspicious energy of chi. That will significantly enhance the aspirations you desire, with an amazingly positive effect on your wealth and health. This Water Feature Fountain has an internal light to draw happiness and positive regard.

Simply add water and switch on the power to add great impact to your wealth luck! Every home and office should have one Yellow Jasper Carp Water Feature Fountain.

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 20.3 × 20.3 × 32 cm