Sheep Horoscope Predictions 2022

Goat year golden badge vector traditional Chinese zodiac sign

* The prediction is valid for the year 2022 (the Tiger), beginning on February 1, 2022, and ending on January 21, 2023. 

In the year 2022, people born under the Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Sheep (or Goat) will have a lot of luck. Not only will they be free of the negative influence of the Fan Tai Sui (Clashing Tai Sui, Grand Duke Jupiter, or the Command of Chinese astrology) from the previous year, but they will also receive a great deal of support and favor from a number of auspicious stars. Their fortune will be very good and strong in general.

Their luck in career and love, in particular, will improve, and they will have a successful career and love life. When things are going well, however, a group of ominous stars will appear, and things will be prone to change, so the Sheep guys must remain vigilant. 


People born under the Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Sheep are likely to have excellent health. On the one hand, they will be free of the previous year’s influence of Fan Tai Sui (Offend “Tai Sui,” Grand Duke Jupiter). On the other hand, a slew of lucky stars will aid them. 

There will be no major surprises or accidents, and overall fortune will be on the rise. Those suffering from chronic diseases will have a much better chance of recovering completely if they pay attention to their maintenance and personal care.

At the same time, the Sheep guys may experience death and funerals due to the ominous stars of “Si Fu (Death Symbol); for those Sheep guys with elderly family members, they should be more concerned about their health. Accidental injuries and disasters will be handled by the ominous star of ” Ban An” (literally, “Pulling Saddle”).

As a result, the Sheep guys are not allowed to travel for business or travel long distances for fear of injury. 

Love/ Relationship

In 2022, the Sheep horoscope guys’ overall relationship fortune will be favourable. Unmarried people, in particular, should expect to have a sweet love life this year. Sheep men who are in a stable relationship can propose to their partners and have children by the end of the year.

The Sheep horoscope men who are single may have the chance to meet their significant others. The Horse, Rabbit, and Pig are the most compatible zodiac animal signs with the Sheep. If the Sheep men know people of the opposite sex who are born under these zodiac animal signs, they can approach and interact with them more often.

For married people, the good fortune of a successful romance is not all good. The rising romance luck will increase the likelihood of temptation and extramarital affairs.


The Sheep’s career fortune will be very good in 2022, thanks to the assistance of many lucky stars. When the auspicious star of “Yu Tang” (玉堂) reigns supreme, employers will recognize the personal talents of the sheep. 

Office workers and clerks can fully exercise and display their personal talents with the help of the lucky star of “Yu Tang,” and gain their boss’s appreciation and value. In the meantime, the auspicious star of “Yue De” (月德) will favor the development of interpersonal relationships.

As a result, the Sheep men will have a harmonious interpersonal relationship this year, and their career will run smoothly, with all difficulties resolved with the patrons’ blessing.


People born under the Sheep horoscope animal sign will have a mixed financial fortune in 2022. There will be many ominous stars that will make it difficult for the Sheep to prosper. As a result, the Sheep are expected to be mentally ready.

On the plus side, the Sheep men will benefit from the auspicious stars of “Yue De” and “Tian Xi” in the Year of the Tiger, and their full-time financial incomes will increase, possibly even doubling; on the minus side, many ominous stars will appear in the life of the Sheep, such as the ominous star of “Xiao Hao (小耗,literally “Small Loss”).

Even if it only suffers minor losses, the sum of many minor losses adds up to a significant sum of money. As a result, the Sheep horoscope  are expected to manage their wealth carefully and allocate it appropriately. 

Goat Luck Predictions for 2022: 

  • Lucky Directions: East and West 
  • Favourable colours: Yellow. A yellowish hue is found in fertile soils that are associated with progress and prosperity.
  • Lucky Numbers: 1 and 7 
  • Lucky Months: January, March and November in the Chinese Lunar Months. 
  • Unlucky Months: June and December. 
  • Lucky Element: Earth. which complements metal but is overwhelmed by the element of wood. 

Feng Shui objects for Good luck: 

  • Feng Shui Green Pi Yao: will bring you good luck and fortune. He is said to be able to bring you good fortune, increase your wealth, and improve your business.
  • Feng shui egg stone: a symbol that brings you business success and good health. It’s also a fertility symbol, indicating a better life ahead.