South Facing Bedroom Feng Shui Tips



The bedroom is usually one of the first rooms in the house that people apply feng shui to. After the main entry area, the bedroom is most important in creating good feng shui energy in your home. The bedroom is also most important for the quality of your health and well-being, as well as your love relationship. Here you will learn about South Facing Bedroom Feng Shui.

While applying the basic feng shui guidelines for a good bedroom can be relatively easy, it gets more complicated when you go deeper with your feng shui work. Once you start working with the feng shui energy map called the Bagua, you might find it difficult to combine the Bagua requirements for your house with the guidelines for a good feng shui bedroom.

Bedrooms located in some Bagua areas are easier to feng shui than others. For example, a bedroom in the Southwest Bagua area (the Love and Marriage area) can be really easy to feng shui because of the requirements of its main element — the Earth feng shui element. This is the energy element that is ideal to use for good feng shui bedroom decorating.

Feng Shui Elements

If you have a bedroom in the South area, you know that this area thrives on the Fire feng shui element. For good feng shui, any room in the South Bagua area needs to be decorated with a strong Fire feng shui element (colors like red, purple, orange, magenta, strong yellow, and pink). A room in the South area can also have a strong Wood element decor because Wood feeds the Fire in the productive cycle of the five feng shui elements. The Wood element colors are green and brown.

However, a strong Fire element, even though nourishing for the Earth, can bring restless energy into the bedroom, while the Wood element can weaken the energy of the Earth element needed in a good feng shui bedroom. So what can you do? Is it possible to have good feng shui decor in a South facing bedroom? Yes, it is!


01. Choose light earthy colors such as beige, sand, and very light yellow as the main colors for your bedroom decor. This applies to your bedroom walls, bedding, upholstered furniture pieces, and rugs.

02. Bring the Fire element in with little details such as the color of pillows, lampshades, and small decor accessories. If it works for your bedroom, you can also create a strong focal point that expresses a fiery quality of energy. Examples of good focal points with fiery energy are:

  • A focal wall painted in a Fire element color such as red, orange, strong yellow, or pink.
  • Large artwork with flowers, images of sunrise or sunsets, or images of fire.
  • One oversized piece, such as an ottoman, for example, in a Fire element color.
  • Avoid any wood element decorating in your bedroom. This means avoiding a strong presence of colors like green and brown in your bedroom decor, as well as using any big live plants.

03. Be mindful of the presence of mirrors as they bring the Water element that puts down the Fire element needed in the South area. Along with general feng shui guidelines for mirrors in the bedroom, it is wise to avoid a big mirror in a South facing bedroom.

04. Candles and Himalayan salt lamps are ideal feng shui decor details for a South facing bedroom, so feel free to use them as much as your heart desires. The quality of air in your bedroom is very important, so be sure to go for natural candles. As for the Himalayan salt lamps, they not only bring a soft glow of the Fire element with their warm light, they also purify the air. You can leave them on for several hours a day to let them do their air-purifying work, as well as bring a gentle presence of the needed Fire feng shui element.