Three killings in 2022

3 killings

How to avoid the Three killings in 2022?

The easiest way to avoid the Three Killings‘ wrath in 2022 is to avoid disturbing the north of your house or office in the year of Tiger, but this will be impossible for most of us.

My parents’ dining room and a guest bedroom are in the north of their house, and they are constantly entertaining, with two grandkids who also love this part of the house and are always playing in it whenever they’re around. This type of loud noises activity is likely to irritate the Three Killings energy. Hence counterbalance the power around the dining room, they will be putting the yearly Feng Shui healing in the north. So the wrath of Three Killings will be avoided activating.

Three killings location for 2022 – North (322.5 – 37.5)

The north will also have the annual #1 future riches star fly in during 2022. Therefore we must handle this area with caution and maintain noise levels to a minimum. Moreover, this will able to profit from the fortunate energy that the yearly star can offer this year.

With yearly ailments, there is always a method to work around the problem and do the task without causing issues. We recently purchased a new home that needs a lot of updating. I renovated the hallway, that is located in the east, which will have the Three Killings visit in 2020. To avoid any problems, I made sure all the annual Feng Shui cures and enhancers were in place in east. Then safely remove the Parquet flooring myself with basic tools so that there was very little noise and activity in the east and nearly no tools are utilized to fit the hallway. We were not affected by the Three Killings in 2020 because we placed the appropriate remedies and enhancers, took care, and avoided creating noise in the hall.

When the three killings are triggered, they can cause health and financial troubles. Which are areas of our life we cannot afford to take risks with during the year of the Tiger in 2022, making it an incredibly crucial area to watch out for this year. To highlight this region, I would install some strong watercolors in the north this year; such as black, grey, and shades of blue, as well as a really beautiful silver Elephant for 2022. If you have no alternative but to carry out the works in the north in 2022. I would check the monthly Flying stars to ensure there are no unfavorable visiting stars in the area.

Ways of Three Killings can be disrupted :

  1. Building a lake or swimming pool is not recommended, and if it is inevitable, be sure to install yearly Feng Shui remedies.
  2. Using a primary entrance in the north is not recommended, and if you must, be sure to set annual Feng Shui treatments.
  3. It is OK to watch television or listen to music at a fair volume.
  4. Changing doors or windows in the north is not recommended, and if necessary, put yearly Feng Shui remedies.
  5. It is acceptable to use a main entrance in the north silently and without slamming the doors.
  6. Playing drums as loudly as possible in the north is not recommended, and if it is inevitable, be sure to set yearly Feng Shui treatments.
  7. Drill into walls (one hole for holding pictures should be acceptable) is not recommended; if necessary, put annual Feng Shui treatments.
  8. Laying a new terrace or deck is not recommended, but if it is unavoidable, be sure to include annual Feng Shui remedies.
  9. Planting tiny plants using a hand spade would be fine.
  10. It is permissible to paint and decorate a bedroom in the east.

If you read this essay and follow my advice, you can avoid the problems that come with disrupting the Three Killings in the North, which also include health problems, financial loss, injuries, and, in the worst-case scenario, fatalities.

Three Killings 2022

In 2022, if your main door is in the north, northeast, or southwest; it is likely to cause a disruption within your house or business. The best remedy for this is to make sure the door isn’t slammed shut when you use it. As well as oiling the hinges and making adjustments to the alignment so the door doesn’t catch on the frame; most of the time, Feng Shui is just as much about making practical, small changes in the household as it is about putting cures and enhancers in the right places.

The ideal solution would be to enter the property by another door in a non-affected section in 2022. However, this is not possible because this would require passing through the basement and using the kitchen entrance. If you have a shop door in the north, northeast, or southwest, I recommend installing a soft shut hinge . You should not trigger the Three Killings’ terrible effects if the gate is not banged often in an affected region.

From  3rd February 2022 to the 3rd February 2023; a Jin Shu Da Xiang silver Elephant should be placed in the north as a traditional.

If your front entrance is in the north, northeast, or southwest; I would highly advise you to follow the 2022 yearly guideline to ensure that the year runs smoothly. This year, I would also suggest putting a couple of Fu Dogs or Temple Lions outside your front door for protection.