Ways to Decorate your Home with White according to Feng Shui

Ways to decorate your home with white

Colours can be used intentionally and willfully in feng shui to welcome positive energy into our home. Cleanliness, purity, and clarity are all qualities that white invites. In the five-element system, it is also linked to the metal element. The metal element is associated with joy, completion, and helpful people. 

All of the colours of the light spectrum are present in the colour white. It is highly reflective, and white can visually and energetically brighten and expand a space. 

White is also a colour that easily shows dust or debris. A white chair, for example, requires more caution than a dark-coloured one. As a result, this colour can teach us to be more conscious of our surroundings.

The best thing about white is that it can be used in a variety of spaces and styles. White is a timeless and versatile colour. Here are some feng shui decorating tips for using white in your home.

01. White paint

White can get a bad rap when it comes to painting colours. White comes in a variety of shades, ranging from warmer to cooler to neutral. 

In a room with limited natural light, white paint is actually a wise choice. White paint on the walls and ceiling will brighten and expand the space significantly. Because white is highly reflective, it allows more light to enter a space. Good feng shui requires a lot of light.

White walls also give your home flexibility, allowing you to switch out accessories with different colour palettes. 

02. Clear Quartz

This is a Clear Quartz crystal cluster on a wooden stand.

Clear quartz is another popular crystal for use in the home. Clear quartz is a transparent white stone that aids in the manifestation of your intentions. Decorate your home with white by placing clear quartz in your refrigerator, for example, to boost the healing energy of the food inside.

TIP: Pointed crystals are especially powerful because they can focus your intention. Hold the crystal in your hand before placing it in the refrigerator and visualize the quartz purifying and blessing the contents.

03. White flowers

White Flower

Fresh flowers are always a unique way to enhance your home’s decor. Flowers bring joy and aid in the release of any stuck qi (life force energy). They bring nature inside and help us connect to the seasons. With their teachings of impermanence, flowers also remind us to appreciate the present moment. 

The following are a few of our favourite white blooms: 

  • White plum blossoms in the winter:  To remind us that hope and beauty are always present.
  • White roses in the summer: To calm the heart.
  • White chrysanthemums in the autumn: Inviting honesty and clarity.
  • White daffodils in the spring: Representing new beginnings.                               

As you would for a human visitor, make sure to provide clean, fresh water on a regular basis. Make sure to get rid of the flowers once they’ve gone bad.

04. White Buddha or Tara

White Buddha Statue

We use iconography as a metaphor and embodiment of our aspirations in feng shui. Tara, the goddess of compassion, is white. She is a symbol of generosity who helps us overcome obstacles in our lives. Buddhas represent the possibility of each of us awakening to our own divine nature. 

To connect with your own heart’s deity, try hanging a print or having a small statue of Buddha or White Tara in your home.

NOTE : Colorful white Tara paintings are common! 

05. Moonstone

Another way to decorate with the energetic qualities of white is to place semi-precious gemstones and crystals in your home.  

Moonstone is a milky white crystal that is associated with the moon’s feminine energies. This is a wonderful stone to keep in your bedroom for self-care and to help you develop your intuition.