What is the Feng Shui Money Corner and How Do I Use It?

Wealth is one of the most well-liked feng shui themes. Even a certain area of your house represents your riches and abundance. Using a feng shui instrument called the bagua, you can discover where the money corner (or wealth corner) of your home is and how to activate it. The Bagua is an energy map that is placed over a location; it is composed of an eight-region grid that is three by three, with a central area in the middle.

The Bagua is one of the tools that feng shui practitioners use to better understand the relationship between your property and your life. Each of the bagua’s regions represents a specific facet of life, including your career, relationships, expertise, and yes, even your financial status. The Chinese word for this region is “Xun,” which is also used to refer to it as the wealth or money corner. Your financial well-being, affluence, and general prosperity are all related to this position. It also stands for self-worth, which is closely related to material wealth: How much we regard ourselves affects our capacity to receive money and abundance.

Another thing to keep in mind is that even though many people claim to desire to work on their money, other things frequently take priority. A knowledgeable practitioner can assist you in identifying the underlying causes of your problems and deciding what would be the most beneficial to focus on.

For instance, you might not be earning as much money as you want because your profession is unsupportive or you don’t have enough people in your life who can support you in achieving your objectives. In those circumstances, focusing on enhancing your career or bringing more helpful people into your life may be more beneficial than actively attempting to increase your fortune.

Where Is the Wealth Corner in Feng Shui?

Using the bagua, you can locate your feng shui money corner. The Bagua map can be interpreted in two different ways. The first method involves using a compass, while the second involves standing at the entrance or front door and facing inside any room, area, structure, or dwelling.

The southeast corner of any room, structure, or residence, when using the compass (the conventional way), is the wealth corner (112° to 157.5°). The wealth corner can be found as the back left corner of any room, structure, or house when facing the entranceway using the front door (western or Black Hat) approach.



Recommendations for Improving Your Money Corner

Activate the wealthy region of your home if you’d like to focus on attracting greater affluence, self-worth, or prosperity. Here are some of our preferred methods for doing this.


Water and Wood Encourage Wealth

The feng shui element of wood is related to the wealth corner. Therefore, bringing in the elements of wood or the element that feeds wood, water, to that corner is one of your finest options for enhancing the energy of this space.

  • Place works of art that have the vitality of the wood element, such as artwork produced from different types of wood or depictions of trees or other woody plants.
  • To foster prosperity, install a fountain or other water element in the next corner.
  • Put a piece of art with a lot of water in it, like an ocean picture, in the corner.


Fix Broken Items

You may not consider this to be feng shui, but it’s necessary to make practical improvements in addition to the subtler, energetic ones. It’s preferable to either mend them or get rid of things that are broken, falling apart, or not functioning properly because these things don’t promote sentiments of abundance.


Growth and Light Increase Prosperity

Things that grow serve as a metaphor for welcoming growth into that corner, i.e., inviting growth for your finances. Light also feeds the element of wood, thus bringing light into the corner can also boost prosperity.

  • Consider using a mirror to reflect light from a lamp or window into the space if there isn’t a window in the corner.
  • A corner lamp made of natural wood can also improve lighting.
  • Plants that are lush and green should be placed in a corner to promote wealth.


Indoor Plants

The wood element, which is symbolized by plants, is also associated with the wealthy area. If you want to encourage continuous growth in your finances or sense of worth, add a lush green plant to this space. The Pilea peperomioides, commonly referred to as the money tree, coin plant, or jade plant, is a plant that is very useful for this purpose.

Feng Shui Colors Strengthen the Sector of Wealth

The colors that go best with the corner of prosperity are those that correspond to the element of wood. In this instance, green and brown are the finest colors to boost your corner of affluence. The rise of wealth can also be nourished by blue accents, which are the hue of the water. The color purple in feng shui denotes riches.

  • Green, brown, purple, and blue colors can be used to adorn spaces that are located in the wealth corner, ideally a home office where you work to attract wealth.
  • Bring in artwork that emphasizes these hues as well.


Crystals can be used to promote prosperity

Placing some crystals in your wealth corner can attract money and prosperity because they are strongly related to wealth and prosperity. Citrine crystals should be prominently displayed in your riches area because they are frequently linked to bringing prosperity. One feng shui tool for enhancing prosperity is a citrine money tree.

What Not to Do in Your Wealth Sector in Feng Shui

Additionally, avoid placing the following items in your money area as they could hinder prosperity:

  • Garbage cans
  • Clutter
  • Broken objects
  • You owe money on some bills.

Additionally, you shouldn’t put anything in the money area that strongly evokes the elements of fire or metal.


How Feng Shui Can Improve Your Prosperity Sector

Enhancing your prosperity corner is a terrific way to tell the universe you are willing to receive income, but creating energy in your home or workstation that attracts money energy requires a little work. You can start living a more affluent life right away with the help of a few basic feng shui techniques.