What is The Cicada in Feng Shui

Cicadas are famous flying insects in Feng Shui and they have the ability to sing loudly. Furthermore, they also play an important role in both western and eastern mythology. The cicadas designs are on artifacts going all the way back to the Shang dynasty. In Mandarin, they’re known as chan (蝉). However, it is also known as guo guo (蟈蟈), a cricket.

Legend of the Cicada

The Brass Cicada for Protection is perfect to protect you from unfaithful friends, scheming bosses, jealous colleagues, and competitors.

On the contrary, many of us have probably seen movies in which people discover cicada insects inside the mouth of a deceased person. Wealthy families and royal families used to bury their loved ones with a jade-carved cicada in their mouths.

By performing such rituals, their ancestors will commemorate and able to live a comfortable life after death. 

This symbolism stems from the insect’s natural life cycle, in which it regenerates and emerges from old skin as if it were a new insect. According to Feng Shui, cicadas are a powerful symbol of longevity and everlasting happiness in the living world. This is partly due to the fact that they are among the longest-living insects.

Then there’s the story of a benevolent Qi queen who died and was reborn as a cicada. One of her best qualities is that she never got old. As a result, the cicada can also represent youth.


Benefits of using the Cicada

The Cicada insect in Feng Shui is able to warn people of danger, government officials often carry them as a protective amulet against unfriendly colleagues and backstabbers in the past.  A cicada resting on a hat will represent a devout man with moral values.

In Feng Shui, pairing the cicada with chrysanthemums can form a desire for someone to rise to a position of authority. Taoist practitioners frequently use the singing cicada in their rituals.

This attractive amulet comprises a pear-shaped wooden plaque carved with two auspicious symbols of good fortune.

What is Cicada in Feng Shui? 

People use this insect in feng shui, as a personal emblem for protection against enemies. It can be worn as a necklace pendant, a keychain charm, or even a paperweight on your desk.

While the most powerful are jade Cicadas in Feng Shui, keep in mind that you don’t have to purchase them in higher grade jadeite to benefit from its protective properties.

Even though some people wear it for protection, this insect represents longevity, youth, and a strong sense of wealth.

Finally, if you are setting them up for placement in the house, do be mindful not to leave them in sight of a money frog.