Best Feng Shui Wind Chimes


Many people wonder why wind chimes are often used for feng shui adjustments. Two of the main reasons wind chimes are used are because they create sound energy vibrations and bring in the metal element.

First, the sound is one way that feng shui practitioners shift the energy of a space. A wind chime can even be used as a space clearing tool to remove negative energy and welcome new, positive energy. You probably have an intuitive understanding of this; think about how different it feels to be in a silent room, a room with a vacuum going, or the same room with soft music playing. When a wind chime creates sound vibrations, they move through the spaces and objects to shift the energy. Metal wind chimes are especially effective at cutting through any stagnant qi.

The second reason is to bring in the metal element. Metal wind chimes are an easy and beautiful way to add the metal element to your space. The metal element represents clarity, efficiency, and joy. If you intend to call in these metal element qualities, look for a metal wind chime. Metal is also connected to speech and articulates yourself, so a metal wind chime can help activate an intention to speak up for yourself or communicate more clearly.

How to Locate Wind Chimes for Feng Shui

Wind chimes are especially great additions to the feng shui Bagua map areas associated with the metal element. These are Dui (completion and children) and Qian (helpful people and travel). Placing a wind chime in either of these areas is auspicious because it activates these areas’ metal element.

You can also place a wind chime in another Bagua area, or gua, where you want to call in metal energy. Or you can locate a wind chime in the room that’s associated with the activity.

For example, maybe you would like to work on speaking up for yourself at work; to activate this intention, you may want to locate your wind chimes in your office (which is related to your work) or the Kan (career) area your home. Or maybe you want to invite clarity, joy, and communication around your relationships. To support this intention, you could place your wind chimes in your bedroom (related to your relationships) or the Kun (love and partnership) area of your home.

Best Types of Wind Chimes for Feng Shui

Metal wind chimes are generally best if you intend to call in the metal energy qualities like precision, communication, or organization. Look for wind chimes with hollow cylinders as well.

If you find a wind chime made of another material like crystals, seashells, or glass, listen to your intuition. If you are attracted to them, go for it. You can also select a colour connected to one of the five elements you want to attract.

  • The earth element is the colour brown or yellow. Use the earth element to invite in self-care, grounding, and balance.
  • The metal element is white or metallics. Use metal element to welcome joy, precision, and beauty.
  • The water element is black. Use a water element to bring in wisdom and enhance your career.
  • The wood element is blue or green. Invite in a wood element for growth, kindness, and flexibility.
  • The fire element is red and welcomes passion, inspiration, and visibility.

It’s also important to choose wind chimes that have a sound that you enjoy. This should be a positive addition to your home, not one that annoys you.

In terms of size, bigger wind chimes are generally more impactful, but use your judgment — if it feels overwhelming for space, it’s probably too big.

A wind chime with five cylinders is the most auspicious because it represents the five elements of earth, metal, fire, water, and wood. These five elements make up the world around us, and one of the goals of feng shui is to keep these five elements in balance.

How to Hang Wind Chimes for Feng Shui

Once you’ve chosen your wind chimes and decided where in your home you’d like to place them, it’s time to hang them! We recommend using a red ribbon or string to hang the chime because red is the most auspicious colour in feng shui. It’s a powerful colour that enhances the energetics of your adjustment. Ensure you also hang them far enough away from any walls that they have space to chime freely.