Best ways to use Chimes for good Feng Shui

Many people are puzzled as to why wind chimes are frequently used in feng shui adjustments. Wind chimes are used for a variety of reasons, including creating sound energy vibrations and bringing in the metal element. For starters, feng shui practitioners use sound to change the energy of a space. 

Firstly, you can also use a wind chime to clear negative energy from your space and welcome the new positive energy. Consider how different it feels to be in a silent room, a room with a vacuum running, and the same room with soft music playing. Sound vibrations from a wind chime travel through spaces and objects, shifting the energy. Moreover, metal wind chimes are particularly good at breaking up stagnant qi.

The other reason is to introduce the metal element. Metal wind chimes are a simple and elegant way to incorporate metal into your decor. The metal element is associated with clarity, efficiency, and happiness. Look for a metal wind chime if you want to call in these metal element qualities.

The Amitabha Buddha Six Rod Windchime consists of 6 gold plated brass rods strung together on a horizontal metal bar hanging from a bell-shaped base.


For example, Individuals who are able to express commonly resemble the metal element. The metal wind chime can help in activating the desire to speak for yourself and communicate more clearly. 

How to locate wind chimes for Feng Shui 

Wind chimes are particularly useful in areas of the feng shui bagua map that are associated with the metal element. These are Dui (completion and children) and Qian (completion and children) (helpful people and travel). The wind chime will activate the metal element when you place the chimes at either of these locations. 

Place the wind chime in another bagua area or gua . Alternatively, you can simply find a wind chime that resembles the activity and place it in the room.


Best types of Wind Chimes for good Feng Shui

If you want to call in metal energy qualities like precision, communication, or organization, you should use metal wind chimes. Wind chimes with hollow cylinders are also worth looking for.

If you come across a wind chime made of a different material, such as crystals, seashells, or glass, trust your instincts. Go for it if it attracts you. 

 Moreover, you can also choose a colour that corresponds to one of the five elements you want to draw attention to.

  • The water element is black. Make use of the water element to gain wisdom and advance in your career.
  • The earth element is brown or yellow. Use the earth element to bring self-care, grounding, and balance into your life.
  • Wood Element is blue or green. Bring in the element of wood to promote growth, kindness, and flexibility.
  • The metal element is metallic or white. Use the metal element to bring joy, precision, and beauty into your home.
  • The fire element is red, with fire, passion, inspiration, and visibility are all welcomed.

The Flying Dragon 8 Rod Wind Chime consists of 8 gold plated brass rods strung together on a horizontal metal bar hanging from a plaque featuring a blue Flying Dragon.

In the same way, it’s also crucial to select wind chimes with a sound that you enjoy; this should be a welcoming addition to your home rather than one that irritates you.

Larger wind chimes are generally more impactful but use your judgement — if it feels too big for space, it’s probably too big.

In addition to that, the most auspicious wind chime is one with five cylinders, which represents the five elements of earth, metal, fire, water, and wood. The world is consists of these five elements and one of the goals of Feng Shui is to balance these elements. 


How to hang the wind chimes for good feng shui

This is a Five Rods Three Tiers All Metal Pagoda Windchime embellished with little bells.

Now it’s time to hang your wind chimes after choosing the right one and the right place it’ll go in your home. Hang the chime with a red ribbon or a string, as red is the most auspicious colour in Feng Shui. Red is a very powerful colour that boosts your adjustment’s energetics.