Choosing painting (The Feng Shui way)

Choosing Painting in feng shui way

Feng shui paintings help to create a space’s overall energetic flow and feel. Feng shui principles apply to paintings as well. Use the Bagua to figure out where feng shui paintings for prosperity or feng shui paintings for auspicious chi energy in the living room should go. Choose Feng shui paintings based on the elements which depict the energetic frequencies they promote.

Painting materials and sizes 

Larger paintings, on average, have more energy than smaller paintings. Similarly, because watercolour paintings use less vibrant colours than oils or acrylic paints, they may have softer energy. Consider framing material and labelling it with the element it depicts.

Images in Paintings

Some paintings have positive connotations and contribute to good feng shui, while others have negative connotations and contribute to bad feng shui.

Positive Feng Shui

The following paintings may help to create a positive energetic environment:

  • Use many other types of artwork, such as paintings, to support different energies in different areas of your home.
  • Positive images, such as beautiful scenery or celebrations, are painted on canvas and spread positive energy throughout your home or office.
  • Buddha images (whether statues or paintings) bring good fortune. However, this is only true if the Buddha painting was given to you as a gift, as luck cannot be bought.
  • Koi fish are thought to bring good luck. As a result, choose these paintings can help to increase wealth and abundance in your home, particularly in the money corner.
  • Bamboo paintings are said to bring good fortune and prosperity. 

Buddha Paintings

Negative feng shui

According to feng shui, some paintings create less beneficial energies.

  • Water suppresses fire in the destruction cycle, so having paintings of water in the bedroom could calm passions.
  • Paintings depicting disasters, wars, storms, misery, loneliness, or other negative events generate negative energy.

Seasons in Paintings

If the painting depicts a specific season, choose paintings with elements also relate to the Bagua and can place accordingly. Paintings that fascinate:

  • Fire is associated with the beginning of summer.
  •  Wood is associated with spring.
  • Water is associated with winter.
  • Autumn is associated with the metal element.
  • Late summer is associated with the element earth


Bagua Map


Elements and the paintings

To contribute more to one of the five elements of feng shui, choose paintings that feature that element. Similarly, using the construction and destruction cycles, elements depicted in paintings can strengthen or weaken other elements.

  • Cars, coins, and silver grooming sets are all depicted as metal elements in paintings.
  • The element of earth represents landscapes of mountains, plants, crystals, and other similar items.
  • The element of fire represents in paintings of candles, fireplaces, and other fiery objects.
  • Water represents in paintings with water landscapes, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, or other liquids.
  • The wood element represents in paintings of trees or driftwood, forest landscapes, and similar images. A painting on a wooden board, for example, may reflect the wood element.

Colours in Paintings

To figure out what the painting’s element is, look for the dominant colour.

  • Emphasize metal by paintings in browns, blacks, whites, greys, and metallics. Metal links with the inward movement of energy, productivity, rational thought, and intellectualism.
  • Emphasize earth tones in paintings with brown, beige, yellow, and earth tones. Stability, grounding, nurturing, and receptivity are all associated with earth elements.
  • Paintings in blue or aqua amplify the water element and are similar to peace and tranquillity.
  • Paintings in brown or green accentuate the wood element. These colours can bring prosperity and encourage renewal in paintings.
  • Paintings in red, orange or purple amplify the fire element. These colours evoke feelings of joy, vibrancy, passion, and warmth in paintings.

Mixed Colour artwork

Lines in Paintings

In feng shui, lines are also important, and this includes those in paintings.

  • Circles represent the balance and cycles of energy and nature.
  • Because positive energy travels in a curved path, curves are remarkable.
  • Because negative energy travels in a straight line, straight lines and sharp angles are unlucky or negative. You can use paintings with straight lines,  but they must be soft curves and arches.

Pick what you love

While choosing paintings with feng shui in mind is important for how energy flows in your home or office, make sure you choose paintings that consider more than just these energies. It’s also crucial that you pick a painting that you enjoy because you’ll be looking at it for a long time. As a result, determine what types of paintings you require for each room of the house and then select those that you enjoy looking at.