Feng Shui Affliction Forecast 2021


In this article, you will discover the Annual Feng Shui Afflictions for 2021. Be aware of the Tai Sui, Sui Po, San Sha and the Five Yellow.

Tai Sui Grand Duke Jupiter in the Northeast 1

In 2021, the Grand Duke Jupiter resides in Northeast 1. Do¬†not disturb this area at the risk of activating this star’s unfavourable energies, which generate bad luck, loss, disease, and misfortune. So avoid digging, cutting and renovating in this area.

It inadvisable when working, for example, no to sit facing this direction. Sit with your back in that direction. So, look to Southwest 1 to get support from Tai Sui and not conflict with him. This will strengthen you at work and help you be persuasive in your professional negotiations.

Traditionally, this Feng Shui affliction is appeased with a Tai Sui Plaque or a Pi Yao placed in the Northeast 1. People born in an Ox, Goat, Horse, Dog and Dragon year are also advised to wear a Tai Sui amulet for protection.

Sui Po Year Breaker in the Southwest 1

In 2021, the Sui Po, or Year Breaker, resides in the Southwest 1 Sector. Too much disturbance in this sector could lead to serious repercussions, which may be far worse than those brought by Tai Sui. So avoid at all costs renovating, digging in the southwest 1 or activating this area inadvertently! Here too, you can use a Pi Yao or leave the area as quiet as possible.

San Sha Three Killings in the Fest

The East sector (and more precisely NE3, E2, SE1) is occupied by the Three Killings this year! Do not undertake renovations or dig the ground in the East during the year. Otherwise, you run the risk of causing yourself serious problems. For instance, violence, accidents, illnesses, lawsuits, and thefts risk causing serious money, reputation losses, and health complications.

Never sit with your back facing this direction (East). According to the Feng Shui Ba Zhai system, it is better to face this direction, especially if it is one of your four favourable personal directions. In short, face the East and especially not the West in 2021! It is mainly those born in a Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon year who come under San Sha’s influence.

Keep this area as peaceful as possible. Traditionally the Taoist masters place the Three Celestial Guardians. This is to counter the effects brought by this Feng Shui affliction.

Wu Wang Five Yellow in the Southeast

The yellow 5 star takes up residence in the Southeast in 2021, making this area the worst of your home. Avoid using or spending too much time in this sector. If possible, avoid this area completely. Place Metal or a saltwater cure in the Southeast and remove any Fire element! Do not undertake major renovations in this area and also avoid moving large furniture.