Feng Shui Bagua Spirituality Area Tips


In feng shui terms, the energy of spirituality/spiritual growth and self-cultivation is connected to your Bagua’s Northeast area (or the lower-left area using the BTB Bagua). You can easily define the Bagua of your home or office by using our guidelines and tips.

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To create good feng shui in your spirituality area, do your best to express, at least in some of your feng shui cures for this area, the energy you desire in your personal growth, as well as your reverence for the presence of Spirit in your life.

The feng shui element of this Bagua area is the Earth element.

What does this mean, and how can this info help you create good feng shui in your home?

To create good feng shui energy in any space, one has to use the feng shui elements skillfully, and the requirements are different for each Bagua area. One also has to skillfully express the specific quality of energy that a Bagua area represents.

Bagua Areas

Two elements bring energetic harmony and strength in the Northeast Bagua area (or the lower-left area if you are using the BTB Bagua). These elements are Earth and Fire.

The Earth element is needed because this is the native element of the Northeast Bagua area, and the Fire element is the one that supports it according to the productive cycle of the five feng shui elements.

This means that the feng shui cures you bring to this area have to express one (or both) of these feng shui elements. There are many ways to express these elements with modern home decor items and Classical feng shui cures.

Good Feng Shui Tips

Here is what creates good feng shui in the Spirituality Bagua area of your home:

01. Art with a strong Earth element energy

You can use images of various landscapes and mountains, which are considered excellent feng shui for this Bagua area.

02. Art connected to your spiritual quest

Focus on finding art that speaks to your deep inner core. We have a feng shui Buddha store. See if some of the images appeal to you. Most of them are in the Earth or Fire feng shui element colours. Be mindful of your chosen art colours as a feng shui cure and avoid strong Water or Metal element colours in this area.

03. Fire element art

There are many ways to express the fire element in art, such as with red flowers, fiery sunsets, and images of an actual fire.

04. Tall lights

Tall lights are considered a good feng shui cure for any Bagua area. You can go for any size in your lighting fixtures when using them as feng shui cures. Ensure that the size, the look and the overall design of your light fixture fit harmoniously in your surroundings.

05. Fire element items

Fire element items such as tall candles, decor items in Fire element colours (red, orange, purple), and shapes all bring the needed fiery energy. You can also use the shape of the Earth element (square) to strengthen the area further; avoid Metal and Water element shapes in your feng shui cures here.

06. Paint the walls of the Spirituality Bagua area

You can also paint your Spirituality Bagua area walls in any of the Earth or Fire feng shui element colours.

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