Feng Shui Bedrooms in All Bagua Areas

feng shui bedrooms


In the feng shui philosophy, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. The feng shui bedrooms represent you. You sleep there, it’s one of the most private rooms in the home, and you spend a great percentage of your life in the feng shui bedrooms. When using feng shui to improve your qi (life force energy), it’s helpful to overlay the feng shui Bagua map over your entire home to determine where the feng shui bedrooms are. This can give you insight into the best feng shui bedrooms location for the members of your household. The bedroom Bagua location also offers a perspective on how to decorate your bedroom with consideration to the home’s overall energy.

How to Find Your Bedroom on the Bagua Map


Take a floor plan of your home and turn it, so the front door is on the bottom. Then, divide the floor plan or house sketch into a three-by-three grid (like tic-tac-toe). Use the image to mark each of your floor plan’s nine areas with the corresponding Bagua areas. Then, look at the floor plan to determine which Bagua area(s) overlap the bedroom.

Now what? Once you’ve figured out where your bedroom falls on the Bagua map, read on for tips on how to work with a bedroom in your particular Bagua area.

The bedroom likely overlaps more than one area, which is okay. Just like in life, everything doesn’t fall into neat little boxes. If possible, work with the Bagua area that is covering most of the bedroom. If it is about equal with one or more areas, you have a couple of options. You can work with the Bagua area where your bed is located (especially for a studio apartment). Or, check out all the Bagua areas and work with the one that applies to you most accurately.

01. Zhen: Family, New Beginning

This area is connected to family and vitality, so it’s a good bedroom area, especially for a child or the eldest son.

Enhance a bedroom in Zhen by decorating with living green plants. You can also incorporate accent colors of green, blue, teal, navy, black, or charcoal.

02. Xun: Wealth

The Xun area is an ideal bedroom location, especially for the household’s head or the eldest daughter. It’s in a strong home area because it’s in the rear and a power position.

Living green plants are great in these bedrooms as well. To enhance a Xun bedroom, try to use charcoal, purple, green, blue, teal, navy, or black as accent colors.

03. Tai Qi (Center): Wellbeing

It’s pretty uncommon to have a bedroom right smack in the middle of your home, but if this is the case with you, it’s not the best feng shui location. It probably doesn’t have any windows and might not even be a proper bedroom. The best option is to move to another room. But if you can’t do that, try and move your bed over toward another Bagua area.

In this case, you would also want to position a mirror on a wall so that it energetically expands your bed and wall into another gua. You do this by placing a mirror on a wall near the Bagua’s rear (Xun, Li, and Kun). Make sure you can see the reflection of the bed in the mirror.

04. Qian: Helpful People

This location can be used for a guest room or for someone ready to leave the house. A couple of examples of this are a temporary guest or a child about to move out. It’s also a good bedroom if you like to travel and be out of the house a lot. But if it’s your bedroom and you want more stability, it would help bring in some earth elements to ground your bedroom.

Bring in earthy and neutral colors to enhance the stability of a bedroom in Qian. Heavy, earthy objects like statues, stones, or ceramics also contribute to a bedroom’s stability.

05. Dui: Completion, Children

This area is connected to children and joy, so it’s a good bedroom area, especially for children or the youngest daughter.

Enhance a bedroom in Dui by decorating with heavy, earthy objects like ceramics, stones, or statues. Ideal colors in a Dui-located bedroom include earthy and neutral colors. Whites and grays would also work well here.

06. Gen: Self-Knowledge

This area would be ideal for a primary bedroom, as it symbolizes meditation, silent strength, and inner knowledge. To work with this room’s qualities, create a main bedroom that serves as your peaceful sanctuary.

Because Gen is an Earth element, you can enhance a bedroom’s stability in this area by using earthy and neutral colors in this room. Decorating with heavy, earthy objects like ceramics or statues would also be helpful.

07. Li: Fame, Reputation

The Li area is one of the best locations for a bedroom, especially for the household or a middle daughter’s head. It is in a strong home area because it’s in the rear and in a power position.

Even the best locations could use a little boost. Enhance a bedroom in Li by bringing in accent colors such as green, blue, and teal. Red and fiery colors also work well here. Decorate with tall lamps, triangles, and living green plants.

08. Kan: Career

This is another good location for a guest room or a room for someone about to move out. For a permanent bedroom, especially a primary bedroom, it would help bring in some earth elements to ground the occupant.

Enhance a Kan bedroom’s stability by decorating with earthy objects like heavy statues or ceramics or bringing some stones into the bedroom. Helpful color schemes for this room would be anything earthy or neutral, like browns and beiges.

09. Kun : Love, Partnerships

Kun is a good location for a bedroom, especially for the head of the household or a grandmother. It’s in a strong home area because it’s in the rear and a power position. It’s also the area of love and partnerships. If you’re single and looking to attract a partnership, use the colors pink or peach.

Enhance a bedroom in Kun by choosing either earthy and neutral colors or using pinks, reds, and other fiery colors. Living green plants are good in here, as are strong shapes such as triangles and squares.