Brass Bat Bagua Horoscope Coin Amulet


You can hang the Grand Duke Protection Coin Amulet to deflect negative energies as well as to invite good fortune and wealth.


This is a vintage-looking Amulet featuring a coin with the symbol of Pakua on one side and twelve Chinese horoscope animals on the other side, and a bat on top of the coin. The 12 Earthly Branches with animal zodiac represent mankind, which when combined with the Bagua trigrams, means that all the 12 zodiacs would be protected against all odds, mishaps, misfortune, accidents, sickness, devastation from unlucky stars, and annual afflictions – such as 5 Yellow3 Killings, confronting Tai Sui, etc.

Thus the Bagua Horoscope coin provides powerful protection and safeguards against all sorts of dangers for all the 12 zodiacs, especially if the year is not a good one. The secret of the protective Bagua potency lies in the arrangement of the Eight Trigrams (derived from I-Ching or known as Book of Changes) which is the pattern of change in our universe represented in the form of solid (yang) and (yin) lines called trigrams. These natural events trigger a profound impact on our health, livelihood, and relationships. Enhanced with the Bat image, this powerful coin also brings good fortune and prosperity.

You can hang the Grand Duke Protection Coin Amulet anywhere in your house or office, or in the car to deflect negative energies as well as to invite good fortune and wealth. It is also highly recommended for everyone to carry one even as we may unknowingly incur the wrath of Tai Sui by confronting him. Clip it onto your handbag, briefcase, or car rearview mirror to make sure it is always near you to be blessed with peace, protection, happiness, and prosperity.

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