Golden Tiger with Wealth Pot and Treasures


This is a beautiful and auspicious figurine of a tiger for those who seek excellent wealth luck.

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This is a beautiful and auspicious figurine of a tiger for those who seek excellent wealth luck as it’s surrounded by a myriad of good fortune and prosperity symbols. The tiger is depicted with a stack of treasure on its back and standing on a bed of treasures to symbolize abundance. You can place the Golden Tiger with Wealth Pot and Treasures anywhere you desire but make sure you display it in your living room or in your shop facing the main entrance to welcome and usher in good chi and fortune into your home/office throughout the year.

What the Tiger Symbolizes and its Application in Symbolism Feng Shui:

In the East, the Tiger (third Horoscope animal of the Chinese Zodiac) symbolizes power, passion, and daring. A Tiger person is courageous, active, and self-assured, a natural leader, passionate and independent. His vigor and love of life are stimulating. It is believed that placing the Tiger figurines in your home or workplace will strengthen and enhance all the good traits and characteristics it represents in family members born in the year of Tiger.

The Tiger’s direction is in the Northeast (37.5 degrees to 67.5 degrees) and its intrinsic element is wood. The Tiger’s allies are the Horse and the Dog. The Boar is its secret friend.

Here is how the Tiger figurine can be used to Feng Shui your way to a better life:

1. For people born in the year of Tiger, place a Tiger figurine in the sector between 37.5 degrees to 67.5 degrees sector in your home or office according to big Tai Chi (house) or small Tai Chi (living room, bedroom, work desk, study desk, etc.) to enhance your personal wealth luck. You will also benefit by placing it in the sectors correspond to your allies: HORSE (157.5° – 187.5°) or DOG (277.5° – 307.5°). This will ensure a smooth sailing and successful year ahead as your Chinese horoscope sign figurine will assist you and protect you from trouble whether it be at work, at school, or in your business, during good or difficult times. It will help you to have better educational luck as this is what the Northeast sector governs based on the Pakua’s Aspirations Trigram.

If your horoscope reading says you will experience a tough year ahead, worry not. Your Tiger figurine will give you the strength to see through it, help you to overcome obstacles and make the most out of it to reap maximum benefits. This Feng Shui remedy is recommended by many Feng Shui masters and will not disappoint you.

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