Green Phantom Quartz Crystal Point


Also known as Chlorite Phantom Quartz, Green phantom is a stone that encourages the development of self empowerment and self realization.

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It also known as Chlorite Phantom Quartz. Green phantom is a stone that encourages the development of self-empowerment and self-realization. It can also help to recover forgotten memories to put the past into context. This crystal can bring harmony and happiness to despair, and provide support and insight in all endeavours. Physically, the Green Phantom has excellent energies that stimulate and activate healing abilities in the body, providing swiftness to recovery. This stone also assists in blocking negative environmental influences from harming you.

A Crystal Point is also reputed to aid students in their studies. Students preparing for exams should hold the Crystal Point in their left hand or place it near them while studying. Bring this Crystal Point along into your exams and the retention powers of the crystal will help you obtain good grades. Many people swear that it worked for them, so should it be on you! Make sure that the Crystal Point is kept personal and not shared with others.

Here is how you can use the Green Phantom Quartz Crystal Point to Feng Shui your way to a better life:

1. Place the Green Phantom Quartz Crystal Point in the Southeast sector of living rooms, offices, shops, work desk, near cash registers and important areas in your business premises to bring in more sales and achieve more monetary gains and successes, increase income and windfall luck. The Southeast sector governs Wealth Luck and with Citrine being the ultimate wealth enhancer, the effect can be incredible!

2. Place the Green Phantom Quartz Crystal Point in the Southwest sector of your living rooms or bedroom for conjugal happiness, good luck in finding a life partner and fruitful marriages. The Southwest sector governs Love, Romance and Marriage Luck based on the Bagua 8 Life Aspirations Theory and its element is Earth.

2. Place the Green Phantom Quartz Crystal Point in the Northeast of a bedroom to embellish the occupant’s educational luck.

3. Place the Green Phantom Quartz Crystal Point in the center of the home to achieve greater harmony in the family.

4. Place it in the Northwest to increase money luck and opportunities from helpful people in your business pursuits or career. The Northwest is the universal sector for Mentor Luck based on the Bagua 8 Life Aspirations Theory and its element is Metal. Crystals represent earth energy, and Earth produces Metal in the productive cycle of elements.

** You can opt to buy this item with or without the Rotating LED Light Base Turntable. The Turntable has four LEDs of different colours and runs on 110V or 220V. It will rotate while the LEDs take turns to come on one at a time, casting a wonderful light effect on any crystal item placed on its mirror top. The turntable can also operate with three AAA batteries (not included). The turntable will not rotate if the battery operated.

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