Lapis Lazuli World Globe For Knowledge Luck 65mm


Lapis Lazuli World Globe For Knowledge Luck 65mm. Twirl the globe once a day. This will improve grades at school, college or universities!

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What the Globe symbolizes and its Application in Symbolism Feng Shui

The Globe symbolizes earth and is the supreme enhancer to promote the growth of knowledge. It is an excellent energizer for education, literary, academic, scholastic luck, and business success especially if you are in the field related to publishing, media, and communications. One can often see the placement of a globe on the desks of professors, tycoons, lawyers, politicians, and successful businessmen.

A crystal globe is a perfect energizer for the Northeast corner because of its double representation of the earth element: crystals/glass comes from the earth, and the globe represents the earth.

Here is how you can use the Globe to Feng Shui your way to a better life:

1. Place a Globe in the Northeast sector of your home or study room to enhance study and exam success luck if you are a student. The globe can also be displayed on the study desk or the bedroom. Twirl it once a day. This will improve grades at school, college or universities. The Northeast sector governs literary and knowledge luck based on theĀ Pakua 8 Life Aspirations Theory.

2. If you are a writer, professor, teacher, or someone working in the publishing or media industry, display a Globe on your work desk or Northeast of your office to foster creativity and to bring success, wealth, and recognition. Twirl it once a day. If you are a businessman, the globe will help your networking to bear fruit and your business to grow globally.

3. Activate the Northwest sector with a Globe to attract influential friends, mentors, and advisers into your life to assist you to climb up the corporate ladder.

4. To gain support from important people and helpful people into your career, literary pursuit, and business, be sure to have this item in the northwest.
The Globe makes an excellent gift for those looking to continue educational pursuits or wishing to expand their business.

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