The Elephant Symbol in Fengshui and how to use them

Elephants, as the world’s largest living land mammals, are revered symbols in many cultures. They represent strength, protection, wisdom, and good luck in feng shui!

Touch into your own connection, as you would with any symbol. What are your feelings about elephants? Use the elephant’s symbol to invite positive energies into your home and life by combining your intuition with ancient wisdom.

Elephant Symbol


01. Elephant symbol for every area in Bagua

The elephant is thus the symbol of strength, intelligence, prudence, and wisdom – all qualities of a capable leader.

See below for applications for each area of the feng shui Bagua map if you’d like to use the elephant as a feng shui symbol in your home.

  • Zhen: Family, New Beginnings

To protect your family, bring in some mighty elephant imagery in the Zhen area of the house. Elephants have the ability to usher in the power of new beginnings. 

  • Xun: Wealth

Moreover, the feng shui Bagua map’s wealth area links to royal wealth. Elephants in this area might be able to assist you in receiving more wealth and treasure in your life.

  • Tai Qi (Center): Wellbeing

Besides, the elephant symbology’s stability can help ground your home, providing overall wellness and health to its occupants.

  • Qian: Helpful People

On top of that, elephants are associated with the trigram Qian and the Helpful People area of the Bagua. This Qian energy draws blessings and support from the heavens to benefit your home and family.

  • Dui: Completion, Children

Support this bagua area with elephant imagery to provide more protection and wisdom for the children in your home.

  • Gen: Self-Knowledge

The wise elephant is an excellent symbol for activating the Gen area, which is self-cultivation and knowledge.

  • Li: Fame, Reputation

The strong elephant can assist you in overcoming challenges related to your visibility, passion, and inspiration. Activate the Li area with the elephant’s strength.

  • Kan: Career

This section of the feng shui Bagua map is about wisdom and your life path. Use the elephant as a symbol to represent your desire to gain deep wisdom and power in your career.

  • Kun: Love, Partnerships

A pair of elephants in your home’s love corner can help your primary relationship gain more strength and endurance.


02. Pregnancy

If a couple is having trouble conceiving, an elephant can help them improve their desire to start a family.  Having elephant imagery in the bedroom is beneficial, especially if you are inviting a male child. Definitely, this connects to the legend of the Buddha being born from the touch of a white elephant on his mother’s side.


03. Security at Entrance

Along with that, similar to fu dogs, place a pair of elephant statues can near a home’s entrance to provide protection. The two mighty elephants will guard the home fiercely. Besides, elephants were trained for war from a young age in ancient times, and we can now think of them as symbols of protection.

In addition to this, position them in a way where it faces outward in feng shui to guard the house’s main entrance. Place the symbols on either the inside or outside of the door, depending on your preference.


04. Elephant symbol

Furthermore,  Buddhism, along with its symbols and teachings, originated in India and spread to Eastern Asia. People revere elephants in Buddhism and are one of the universal monarch’s seven precious treasures. Without a doubt, the elephant, like a snow mountain, represents dignity, majesty, and power. Most people revere Deities riding elephant vehicles for transmitting spiritual teachings in much Buddhist and Hindu iconography. 

Indeed, Ganesha is one of the most popular and well-liked deities in the Vedic religions. Clearly, he has an elephant’s head and a boy’s body. Along with that, Elephants were trained to fight in ancient times because they were so powerful that they could overcome any obstacle. As a result, Ganesha is the god who is invoked to remove obstacles.


05. White Elephants

Beautifully crafted with special attention given to details, this absolutely stunning Pair of Elephants in ivory white and with the Chinese characters 吉祥如意

Importantly, white elephants are particularly auspicious, as they are symbols of protection, good fortune, and wisdom. Before giving birth to the Buddha, his mother is said to have dreamed of a white elephant. 


06. Prosperity

The presence of elephants in the home can bring good luck and fortune. Elephants frequently depict with the wish-fulfilling jewel, which brings good luck. Place elephants at the front door to welcome this positive energy in. Finally, you can also keep them near your desk for better career luck.